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Tesla Energy (NASDAQ: TSLA)


The PAYG Revolution will bring the Consumer Economy to Everybody

The bottom line is that the PAYG revolution is about to bring the electric grid and the consumer economy to every corner of the world. Investors that grasp the opportunity will make a lot of money.

Paygee has the potential to be an incredibly disruptive solution because it can bring the modern economy straight to the developing world’s doorstep. PAYG is what is driving Mobisol’s business and it might drive much more.

A value investor that bets on the economic growth driven by the PAYG revolution in the way Warren Buffett bet on American growth from the 1960s to present. Might reap rewards that are even greater those Berkshire Hathaway (NYSE: BRK.A) generated.

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The Junk Pile

Is Xcel Energy Making Money?

Today’s utilities display more than a casual similarity to the old-time newspaper operators and phonebook companies. That is ignoring the competition, offering questionable customer service, and treating ratepayers like cattle. That alone should give long-term investors a pause, but value investors might note companies like Xcel should make money for investors for years – even if progress ultimately kills their business.

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Is Black Hills Corporation Making Money?

The dividend is troubling in itself because the company simply cannot afford it. The money would be better spent on expansion or better technology. Instead, it looks as if the company is trying to buy shareholders off with a high dividend.

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