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The Big Opportunity at Lisk (LSK)


What Value Does Lisk (LSK) Have?

The big opportunity Lisk Commander offers is the ability to create sidechains for specific business purposes. For instance; a Lisk (LSK) payment solution built into a gaming platform.

The ultimate goal at Lisk is apps built directly in sidechains. In particular, sidechains could be delivery channels for videos, decentralized apps (Dapps), games, remittances, securities, and micropayments.

The drawback to Lisk Commander is there is no evidence anybody is using it in the real world. I will be skeptical of Lisk, until the Lisk Foundation unveils a platform processing LSK payments on a sidechain.

The drawback is sidechains are less encrypted than the blockchain. A sidechain’s capacity is greater because there is less encryption.

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