Has Uber Destroyed Hertz’s Business?

There is finally some evidence to validate the hypothesis that networked-transportation solutions such as Uber are a threat to car-rental companies.

The percentage of North American business travelers that listed Uber and Lyft on their expense reports exceeded the percentage those who listed car rentals for the first time, Bloomberg reported. The accounting software firm Certify reported that 40% of professionals listed car rentals as an expense and 43% listed ride-hailing apps as an expense during fourth quarter 2015.

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Uber Drivers Unionize in New York

One recent development could change everything about ride-hailing; Uber drivers in New York City have unionized. Uber drivers in the Big Apple can now join something called the Independent Drivers Guild; or IDG, which will act as a mediator between the company and drivers, RE/Code reported.

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Uber in All-Out War for Survival

Uber has created a new app designed to put pressure on the president of Florida’s State Senate, Andy Gardiner (R-Orlando). Gardiner has apparently been blocking a vote on a bill that would prevent local governments from requiring background checks and insurance for Uber drivers.

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