Walmart approaches $500 Billion in Revenue

Obviously, Walmart and not Amazon is the world’s largest and richest retailer. More importantly, Amazon will not approach Walmart’s revenues soon.

Therefore, Walmart can sink money into its online operations; automated stores, and new technology. As a result Walmart will probably be able to keep up with Amazon; and possibly block its entry into some markets.

The moral of the store is do not count Walmart out. The world’s largest retailer has the resources to maintain its dominance for decades to come despite Amazon’s explosive growth.

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The Retail Apocalypse Spreads to Walmart…or Does It?

It looks as if dollar stores are a black hole that eats up revenue and produces little profit. Or at least that is what Walmart has concluded; it is concentrating its small box growth on Neighborhood Markets that generate several streams of revenue. Most neighborhood markets contain a grocery store and a pharmacy as well as a discount store, and many of them also have gas pumps.

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Kroger’s Revenue Growth Now Exceeds Walmart’s

Get the picture, folks; the amount of Kroger’s revenue growth exceeded Walmart’s by $1.66 billion. That should be of concern to Walmart investors and to its executives because Walmart reported a market cap of $232.43 billion and an enterprise value of $274.63 billion on June 15, 2015. Kroger had a market cap of $35.07 billion and an enterprise value of $45.62 billion on the same day.

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