Should Walmart buy Flipkart?

Buying into Flipkart was a smart move for Walmart. It also makes WMT a smart diversified investment in retail stocks.

These statistics are bleak for Walmart because they indicate a large percentage of its customers will have a lot less money to spend real soon. To make matters worse, an increasing number of them will be dying off.

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Can Walgreens Survive the Retail Apocalypse?

It is not supposed to be this way at Walgreens because gross profit, revenues, and operating income are growing at the company.

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Is Costco’s Growth for Real?

It looks as if Costco is well-positioned to deal with the future and ward off the Amazon challenge. More importantly, Costco seems well positioned to survive and make money in America in which a large percentage of the population may no longer drive.

That’s good news for investors because Costco is a great income stock. Its investors enjoyed three 50¢ dividends, one 45¢ dividend and one $7 super dividend in 2017, NASDAQ reported.  Costco shareholders took home $8.95 in dividend income in 2017.

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Amazon’s Latest Victim

One thing is certain: Sports Authority will be far from Amazon’s last victim. It is going to leave the retail battlefield strewn with corpses. Smaller e-tailers, hedge fund operators and other scavengers will follow Amazon on its killing spree in order to feast on those corpses.

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