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Donald Trump; Media Baron or Politician?

The presidential election is getting even stranger, because there is some evidence that Donald Trump is not serious about winning. Instead he might be more interested in building a media empire than moving to the White House.

Some recent moves by the Donald indicate that expanding his media footprint might be his primary goal.

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Is WWE the Future of Cable Television?

The model is simple, and it could work for other networks. One network it could work well for is AMC Networks (NASDAQ: AMCX), which has a library of several popular shows with large cult followings: Mad Men, Breaking Bad, and The Walking Dead.

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Will Pandora Ever Make Money?

No company seems to exemplify the central problem facing digital entertainment media better than Pandora Media (NYSE: P). The music service attracts vast numbers of followers (250 million registered users and 81.5 million active listeners in 2014, according to Expanded Ramblings), yet the charts show that it cannot seem to make money.

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The Strange, Brave New World of WWE and Digital Entertainment

The numbers indicate that WWE CEO Vincent Kennedy McMahon Jr. is some sort of visionary at the cutting edge of entertainment. He seemed to have the insight that wrestling fans would be willing to pay a flat rate of $9.99 a month for just the programming they wanted to watch.

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WWE’s Digital Entertainment Gamble Paying Off for Now

WWE needs to demonstrate that it can buck this trend if it wants to be taken seriously as a company with a lot of float. We need to see more than numbers from WWE; we need to see some serious increases in cash flow to justify this new business model.

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