Conservatives and Progressives must respond to Andrew Yang

Yang is making the most effective and damning critique of American capitalism presented in generations and people are listening.

Yang realized entrepreneurship; and by implication capitalism, technology, and progress, could not solve America’s problems.

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America needs to pay a Dividend

Sadly, seniors are just one of many groups being ripped off and short-changed in our current economy. Workers receive some of the worst return on their investment (ROI) in exchange for breaking their backs, sacrificing their time, and risking their lives and health on the job.

Disgustingly, the median income for an American man with a job in 2017 was $44,408 a year, the Census Bureau estimates. Meanwhile, the 2017 median income for a woman with a job was $31,610 a year.

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Presidential Candidates’ Basic Income Proposals Fall Short

Importantly, two contenders for the 2020 Democratic presidential nominees are pushing basic-income schemes. However, I think both proposals are deeply flawed and do not go far enough.

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What’s Wrong with Andrew Yang’s Basic Income Scheme

Thus a better solution is to pay every parent or guardian a Freedom Dividend for each child. In fact, a Freedom Dividend for each child will give the average middle-class family a $12,000 a year income boost. Note: to Andrew Yang a per-child Freedom Dividend will guarantee you the Soccer Mom vote.

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