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Tesla to Add AI to Cars

Tesla Motors (NASDAQ: TESLA) has started testing chips that will enable it to add artificial intelligence (AI) to vehicles.

Elon Musk’s automaker has received a shipment of chips from AMD (NASDAQ: AMD) that AI might run on, CNBC reported. An AMD spinoff called Global Foundries is developing the chips.

The AMD chips can make it easier for Tesla to add AI to vehicles because they need less power to operate. Tesla is trying to build a processor that its Autopilot autonomous driving feature will operate open, CNBC reported. No indication of when the process will be tested on actual vehicles was given.

Tesla is also trying to develop its own chips with the help of AMD veteran Jim Keller. Keller heads up a team of 50 which is trying to develop a Tesla AI chip. Keller has vast experience, he designed the A4 and A5 chips for Apple’s iPhone.

Tesla currently uses processors from Nvida and has used chips from Mobileye in the past. Mobileye was acquired by Intel (NASDQ: INTC) early this year; that ended the Tesla relationship because Intel is working with Alphabet (NASDAQ: GOOG) subsidiary Waymo on its’ self-driving car project. Alphabet NASDAQ: GOOGL) is also developing its own AI chips.

AI will be Smarter than us by 2050

Artificial intelligence will learn at the same speed as humans by 2050 venture-capital guru Jim Breyer predicted. Breyer made that conclusion after talking to AI experts all over the world, CNBC reported.

“When I visit campuses and speak to the AI experts, there is a median year of 2050 where they think the self-learning capability of AI will be singular and will be at human-level intelligence,” Breyer said at Institutional Investor and CNBC’s Delivering Alpha conference on 20 September. “So, 2050? Does it happen? There are a lot of people who don’t think that is the case. It is median data from some of the best AI researchers in the world.”

That sounds as if Uber and truck drivers will at least have jobs until 2050, although AI’s evolution might move faster as more money floods into the business. He thinks artificial intelligence will be bigger than social media in just a decade.

“I think opportunities from an investment standpoint will be five to 10 [times] — in terms of market cap around AI — what social [media] currently is,” Breyer said. Breyer, the CEO of Breyer Capital, is definitely somebody to listen to because he was an early investor in Facebook (NASDAQ: FB).

Hopefully, AIs will be better drivers than humans. It sounds as if they’re going to sharing the roads with us in a few short years.