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The Dream Place! Meet Yumerium – A Blockchain Platform For Games

Meet Yumerium – A Blockchain Platform For Games

Yumerium is an advanced platform developed with the utilization of blockchain technology to enhance the virtual economics of the gaming world.

The idea behind this project is to create a token that is earned by players. Players can subsequently use the token to advance their play through in-game items and other incentives. This way the Yumerium team wants to improve gaming experience and engage players at a higher level.

According to Yumerium, the current state of trade for the in-game items has many downsides and problems. The hard-earned items, which have real intrinsic value for players, are traded on third-party sites.

This often exposes players to fraud, high transaction fees, delays in payment and insecurity.  The game industry’s current value is estimated at $109 billion with an upward trend expecting to reach $128 billion by the year 2020.

Considering the current state, the YUM ICO intends to implement smart contract and blockchain technology to overcome these issues and to shift the gaming paradigm to “earn-to-play”.

The Yumerium ecosystem will be developed in three stages, while Yumerium will have four different roles in it. The roles are:

  1. Yumerium as a Driver for Acquisition & Engagement
  1. Yumerium as a Gaming Community with rewards

  1. Yumerium as a Crowdfunding platform
  1. Yumerium as a decentralized payment gateway

Yumerium as a Driver for Acquisition & Engagement

The logic is simple. Games that join this ecosystem would be allocated with “seeding fund” in YUM (short for Yumerium, the name of the tradable token). While players play the game, they “mine” (earn) YUM tokens.

Then players can use YUM to buy game money.  Game developers can use the YUM to invest in marketing and attract players. This is intended to create a cycle that would grow as more game-makers join the Yumerium ecosystem.

Yumerium as a Gaming Community with reward

In this role, Yumerium will act as an online community where players can post, review and share experiences about the games they play.

YUMs can be earned by watching promo videos or reviewing games.  Developers will motivate players to take a proactive role in the online community.  The initial tokens would be funded by the “Marketing Fund”.

Yumerium as a Crowdfunding platform

This would take the role of Kickstarter, and the games would be funded through the platform. Crowdfunding will be done in YUM tokens, and successful campaigns would get access to the “Marketing Fund” so they can do marketing for the game launch.

Yumerium as a Decentralized Payment Gateway

As mentioned above, the payment system will be decentralized, without the middleman between the parties. Developers often receive their royalties from existing platforms late; however, Yumerium makes the transfer from player to developer secure and instant. Besides YUM, other cryptocurrencies would be supported, such as ETH and BTC.

Technical aspects and parameters

Token price: 0.10$

Total number of tokens (hard capitalization): 316,906,850


 1st round: May 24 – June 9 with a 30% discount.

2nd round: June 10 – June 25 with a 20% discount.

3rd round: June 26 – July 10 with a 10% discount.

The minimum contribution for the presale is 0.1ETH and maximum is 7,000 ETH.

The main sale (ICO) starts July 11 and will continue until July 24, with 5% discount.


Token distribution:

Game Development and Strategic Partners: 45%

Marketing Community Fund: 20%

Platform Development: 10%

Open-Source SDK Development: 10%

Native Token Development: 6%

Website and Community Operation Costs: 5%

Legal and Other Fees: 4%

Team tokens are vested for 24 months, which means team members cannot use them during this period. Yumerium has a global team of professionals spread across the US, South Korea, and Japan. According to the Whitepaper, Yumerium is a project of Subdream Studios – a game-developing and VR company.  The project has been receiving attention from the social media, with over 5K Twitter followers and over 20K Telegram members.


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