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Top financial benefits of getting a college degree

Graduating college can be a hard task for many, it takes effort, money and time, many wonder what they are getting in return so take a look at the top financial benefits of getting a college degree to keep you going strong.

Having a college degree has gone from an aspirational desire to an almost necessary tool in the modern job market.

While most kids are more concerned about how to make friends in college than what the benefits of their choices are, they need not worry because there are some very clear indicators that higher education can really take you further.  

The rise of the “you don’t need college” attitude does not do well when compared to the top financial benefits of getting a college degree:

A life of higher earnings  

Having a bachelor’s college degree can lead to graduates earning about 66% more than those without them, its 25% for those with associate’s degrees, and for those that get a master’s degree it can even mean double when compared to those that only have a high school diploma.

The number can change depending on professions, but there is a clear relationship between pay and education level that stay true through most areas and last for the whole of peoples working life.

Winning the perception game

It can be a bit old fashioned, but most companies and recruiters especially perceived college graduates as having more skills and being more prepared for performing in professional environments.

There is even more value placed on graduates from ivy league school, recipients of football scholarships, or any other accolades achieved in the college system since competition is so high.

Having a good presentation card in the form of a college degree will help applicants stand out amongst hundreds that are competing for a job.

Network included

One of the less talked about, but the top financial benefits of getting a college degree is that you will leave the campus with a network of contact at your fingertips.

You’ll have the numbers and now what door to knock, and while acing the interview will still be up to you, a lot of the leg work has been done just by attending a college.

Alumni, professors, and other students will probably have a soft spot for graduates of their same college and give them a chance, but you could potentially create and meet the team for your own business while in class or attending a party.

Socializing, sharing, and meeting with other professionals is a crucial strength of the college experience, giving you not only that network of contacts but also teaching the skills for workplace interaction, selling yourself, and exchanging ideas that are instrumental to financial success.

Graduate to a better life

A college degree is one of the most effective ways to improve financial situations, with many indicators pointing that not having one is actually more costly than payment to school.

The financial benefits awaiting graduates are at a record high, and that’s all without mentioning the phycological, emotional, and personal growth that college can bring for those who choose it.