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Virgin Hyperloop could begin commercial operations in 2027

Virgin Hyperloop could begin commercial operations in 2027. In addition, the company plans to build a Hyperloop pod that could carry 28 passengers.

Reuters claims Virgin Hyperloop Chief Executive Josh Giegel predicts commercial operations could begin in 2027. Giegel reputedly made the prediction in a 7 May 2021 interview with the news service. Unfortunately, Reuters does not offer a quote to verify the claim.

Giegel said that Virgin Hyperloop will build a 28 passenger pod they can customize for long and short-distance travel. They can also use the pods to haul freight.

Giegel did not reveal where the commercial operations will begin. However, the CEO mentioned potential Hyperloop routes in Saudi Arabia and India.

The Smithsonian Historic Arts and Industries Museum in Washington, DC, will display the Hyperloop Pod that Giegel rode in a November 2020 passenger test later this summer, Reuters reports.