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What Is A DWI Lawyer & What is their Role?

Do you drive on the highways and consume alcohol? 

Driving under intoxication is never safe. The  civil and legislative authorities don’t encourage you to drive while drinking.

That a democratic setup protects you, no one can impose some injunctions on your personal life, but you need to be within your limits. This is the ultimate aim of DWI (Driving While Intoxicated) laws. 

You need to keep abreast of the laws and structures. It is always safe to consult a  Kansas City DWI lawyer to have a better understanding of the situation. 

Criminal Penalties

The drinking age in states like Missouri is 21 years. If your BAC (blood alcohol) levels go beyond 0.08%, you could face conviction.

You can be jailed for 48 hours or five days when you are arrested for the first time. The maximum time that you can be detained in jail is six months. Apart from this, you are subject to a fine of up to $500. This is for the first time.

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If you are caught for the second time, you might be jailed for 30 days is minimum, and if you are convicted for the third time, you can be in jail for a minimum of 60 days.

Other than this, if you are convicted, forget about your driving license for one year. If you are convicted again, they will suspend your license for ten years. 

Therefore prepare for a legal fight if they charge you. Hire a DWI lawyer Kansas city that will fight for you. 

DWI Lawyers’ Role 

Do you know that Missouri DWI laws include alcohol level limits, criminal penalties, suspension of driving license, an implied consent to alcohol, and drug testing?

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There are entanglements and consequences you need to consider. So we will advise you to consult a DWI lawyer Kansas City who can assist you in the most professional manner as they are trained and possess lots of experience.

Now let’s discuss what DWI Lawyers can do for you.

1. Helps You In Your Defense

When you hire a Kansas City DWI lawyer, the first thing that they are going to ask you is,” Were you drunk ?” 

Your attorney will also try to learn about the events that made you drink over the blood alcohol levels. They are going to answer questions all alike because they want you to be transparent.

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Even if you have committed a crime, your legal representative will not leave you at the mercy of the court.

They are bound by law and ethics to fight your defense. Therefore simply submit yourself to your Kansas City DWI lawyer. Don’t hide and don’t lie. 

2. Knowing Important Laws 

If  you think you can manage it all by yourself, and you know the laws. This ignorance will sink you completely.

DWI laws are multilayered. It’s always better if you fight your case using a competent DWI lawyer Kansas City.

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They are experts in their realm, and they have the potential to minimize your penalties (jail, suspension of license, monetary fine, and community service).

They can even turn the table and save you completely. So let’s bank on the professionals of the law.  

3. Knowledge Of Misuse Of Alcohol

Your attorney will educate you about alcohol usage. It’s a fact that driving while drinking alcohol is not good.

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When you consume alcohol, it weakens your nerves and affects your control over your vehicle. He or she will do this to keep you encouraged and not repeat the mistake twice. 

4. Keep Your Confidence 

Among the many qualities, one of them is keeping your level of confidence level high.

When you are arrested and sent summons by the court, you can imagine the pain and suffering that goes through you.

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It becomes extremely difficult for you to keep calm and within the limits of normalcy. Your fears and apprehensions will eat you up from within and dig a big crater between you and your confidence.

An experienced DWI lawyer Kansas City will keep you psychologically calm and keep you in good shape. They are a requirement for you if you are fighting your DWI case.


It’s not easy to fight your case all alone if you are charged with DWI. However, a DWI lawyer Kansas City will help you in your defense.