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What You Can Currently Spend Cryptocurrency On

Cryptocurrency is taking over the digital world, and you should look into purchasing your own assets whilst you can. There are thousands of different retailers that are currently accepting Bitcoin as a method of payment, mainly online.

Flights And Holidays

Holiday sites and airlines are making big moves in the crypto world. You are now able to search through over 650 airlines to purchase flights with Bitcoin (BTC) as well as other cryptocurrencies. Hotels, both independent and corporate have started to accept Bitcoin as deposits and straight payments.

Millions of crypto users utilize the digital assets in order to get great prices on holidays and flights, by waiting for the right moment to buy crypto. You should analyze the crypto market over a period of a few weeks to see what affects the prices, such as trends, in order to find the best time to buy and sell.

Independent Shops

Unique and independent shops such as Etsy were among the first to accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as payment, due to their openness to the digital world.

Etsy is a marketplace with millions of individual sellers, so not all of them will accept Bitcoin. It will be up to the individual seller, as Etsy themselves don’t list it as an official option.

Homes And Properties

Major U.S. lenders have started to accept cryptocurrencies as a method of paying a down payment on property. The Home Loan Expert was a pioneer and today they allow you to purchase a home with a Bitcoin mortgage.

Lenders have started to see this digital currency as the future of economy, allowing them to get on the ground floor. Bitcoin will be used as a verified asset for loan approvals, methods of down payments and monthly payments, all subject to approval from State and Federal laws.

Cars and Vehicles

Automobile companies such as Tesla confirmed their intention to accept cryptocurrency as a means of purchasing their car earlier this year. This has been paused for now, as they cite concerns over the environment, but there are many other car companies accepting Bitcoin today.

The industry is looking to expand further within the next decade. This will allow you to purchase more examples of vehicles such as transport.

Gift Cards

One of the main spending of Bitcoin on a daily basis, is with gift cards. It’s a lucrative market, that allows for the trading of all online gift cards for buying and selling. If you’ve got Bitcoin set aside and you’re not sure what to spend it on, then gift cards for retailers such as Amazon are a great place to start.

This will allow you to purchase whatever you want from online marketplaces. If you have gift cards that you received as a gift for a shop you have no interest in, then you can sell it in exchange for cryptocurrency.