The Trade Wars are over and China has won

The bluster masks Trump’s real policy which is trying to get the best deal out of China that he can. Trump understands that they will not be any big winners, but America might get a slightly better deal from the People’s Republic.

The real problem as President Trump is learning is that most Americans; including almost all “opinion leaders,” neither grasp nor accept that reality. Until they do it might be impossible for America to have an effective foreign or trade policy.

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Is Uber Now a Value Investment?

Uber is now a classic value investment because it is a good company with a good product that has been having serious problems. There’s nothing wrong with Uber’s basic service or business model just its corporate culture.
Now that Khosrowshahi is cleaning that mess up, Uber stands to greatly improve. Buffett called himself “a great admirer of Dara” in a chat with CNBC. The sage of Omaha pointed out that some of the details in the Bloomberg story were wrong.

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Average American cannot afford to buy a Home in 25 States

The housing crisis is far worse than we have been led to believe – if this data is correct. If that was not scary enough, the data shows that most of the nation is now in a real estate bubble.

If How Much’s data is correct the American dream of universal home ownership is dead. Most Americans now live in areas where they cannot afford to buy the average home with an ordinary mortgage.
There were 31 states in which the income needed to buy a home exceeded the median household income, Simplepost calculated. That means there are 31 states in which the average resident cannot afford to buy the typical home.

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Independent Wrestling is not Dead is that a Problem for WWE

Cody Rhodes is ably demonstrating that WWE’s business may have no value and little future. 
This means Rhodes’ event has outsold everything held by the ECW, or TNA, and its successor Impact. What is more incredible is that Rhodes achieved that with no corporate backing and little help from the big media. Instead, all Cody needed was a little leveraging of digital technology and some shrewd guerrilla marketing.

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Apple Pay might be available in Warzone but not on Toronto Streetcars

Even though Apple Pay might be available on battlefields in Ukraine, it cannot be used by streetcar and subway riders in Canada’s largest city. The Metrolinx transit agency in Toronto might accept Apple Pay in a few years, The Toronto Star reported.

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Tesla Mortgages Factory

These figures indicate that borrowing against the Freemont factory will not save Tesla. If the 5.3-million square foot facility is only worth $1.8 billion, Tesla will not be able to borrow more much more than that against it, and it has $10.76 billion in debt.

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Basic Income would be better than a Jobs Guarantee

• Since it would not help vast numbers of citizens, the jobs guarantee will do little to alleviate poverty.

• A jobs guarantee would make easy for politicians and everybody else to ignore poverty. Conservatives can say there is no need for social programs because there are jobs available for the poor.
• Government agencies would be turned into adult daycare centers for the most dysfunctional members of our society by the jobs guarantee.
• A jobs guarantee would erode people’s incentive for self-advancement and improvement. Many people will ask; “why should I go to trade school or college when there is a no-brain and no-work government ‘job’ that pays $15 an hour waiting for me right now.”

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America’s Housing Crisis will lead to Class Warfare

The cause of the housing shortage is simple and demand. The economy is not producing enough housing to meet the demands, which drives up the prices. This situation benefits certain groups; including existing homeowners, realtors, mortgage brokers, Baby Boomers, senior citizens, professionals, and the rich.

Those people benefit from higher property values; which increases their potential wealth and their ability to borrow against the real estate. To add icing to the cake, property owners get huge tax advantages because mortgage interest can be tax deductible.

It is in the economic interest of those groups to keep the supply of housing low. That is why they strongly favor restrictive zoning laws such as limits on density; bans on high-rise and multistory buildings, rent control and bans on the construction of apartment houses.

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Microsoft Launches a Version of Linux?

“This OS incorporates a custom Linux kernel that has been optimized for an IoT environment and reworked with security innovations pioneered in Windows to create a highly-secured software environment,” a Microsoft press release states. Azure Sphere is a customized cloud-integrated operating system (OS) for chips that are connected to the IoT.

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