Trump’s Tax Return has already been hacked and so has yours

What is truly frightening is what else Powers is saying; the entire tax system is vulnerable to hacking. Any American that files a federal return might have his or her data stolen.
The biggest threat to the security of average Americans is their own government. Perhaps it would be a good thing if Trump’s returns were made public that might spur real tax reform or at least a debate about it.

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It is not Amazon that CVS Health is Afraid of

The real reason why CVS Health wants Aetna is to expand its vertically-integrated business model. Vertical integration means that one company controls as much of the production, financing, marketing, and distribution of a product or service as possible.

CVS Health is already partially vertically-integrated because it operates both drugstores and prescription-management plans. CVS operates clinics in some of its stores for the exact same reason. Buying a health insurance company would give CVS, even more, control over the process.

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The Student Loan Crisis is worse than You Think

An astonishing 49.8% of Millennials said they would give up the right to vote in the next two presidential elections in exchange for student-loan forgiveness, a Pollfish survey conducted by the loan refinancer Credible found.

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An AI- Powered Investment based on Market Sentiment?

The goal at Sharpe is to fix one of the biggest shortcomings in AI-based investing. AIs are very good at technical or fundamentals analysis; but are unable to judge market sentiment which is based upon human emotions and beliefs.

Sharpe Capital hopes to correct that by teaching AI how to spot patterns of behavior and sentiment in the market, a whitepaper indicates.

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Five Ways our Health Insurance System Rips off Working Families

The horrendous thing about Medicare is that millions of Americans with no health insurance coverage are paying for a federal health insurance program they cannot take advantage of.

No company is cutting the CEO’s pay to pay for health insurance for employees. They charge everybody more. As with Medicare Tax, people are paying for health insurance they cannot take advantage of. The situation is made worse by Obamacare which takes away employers’ choice not to offer health insurance.

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EBay has Lots of Money but Little Growth

The only real threat to eBay will be aging and dying off of America’s 74 million or so Baby Boomers (people aged 52 to 72). The Boomers are eBay’s main customers; their insatiable appetite for collectibles and kitsch drove its growth and recent profits. As the number of Boomers declines, eBay’s revenues and income are likely to fall.

One potential danger that eBay might face is a growing glut of collectibles and antiques on the market; as Boomers or their heirs sell and find no buyers. News articles indicate that Boomer’s kids; Generation X and Millennials, have little or no interest in a lot of their parents’ possessions.

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Americans are dying sooner more likely to be disabled

The average life expectancy for Americans actually declined and the mortality (death) rate for Americans increased by 1.5% between 2014 and 2015, Bloomberg Technology reported. This is only the second time since 1980 that has occurred.
The health of middle aged Americans is now worse than it was 10 or 15 years ago a study in the journal Health Affairs concluded.

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How and Why Baby Boomers are distorting the Real Estate Market

We might see vast amounts of real estate dumped on the market at once by desperate Boomers if there is any sort of economic downturn. Others will sell because of medical problems, old age, or houses they cannot maintain.

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What is happening at Nordstrom?

The situation at Nordstrom is teaching a hard lesson that all investors need to learn. It is even good stocks and brands will suffer in the retail apocalypse.

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Uber Looses Lawsuit and Norway Battle may lose Tens of Millions in UK

Uber has suffered significant legal setbacks in three different countries. It looks as if the ridesharing app provider is now

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