The Dark Side of Low Technology Utopias

The worst aspect of low tech utopianism is that like most idealists, its practitioners ignore human nature. Like the Communists and Libertarians the low-techers accept the delusion that human weakness can be overcome by simple idealism.

Set in a low-tech 19th Century environment most Americans would behave like Jefferson Davis; the slaving-owning Confederate President, not Thoreau. After all life on the veranda; sipping a mint julip, is far more comfortable than life in the fields.

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Target finds itself caught in the Crossfire of the Culture War

Even if it fails; this Target boycott represents a paradigm shift in the relationship between Christians and corporate America. One has to wonder if this shift will lead to violent conflict of the kind seen during the labor movement of the early 20th Century, or new political coalitions. Either way it represents a profound change in our culture; that goes far beyond the bathrooms at a discount store.

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A Few Benedict Options

So what are the Benedict Options, and how could they work? To answer that question, I took a look at various religious countercultures in history and in modern America that could serve as a template for the Option. This could show us what such a counterculture might look like and how it might impact our society.

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