The Dark Side of Low Technology Utopias

The worst aspect of low tech utopianism is that like most idealists, its practitioners ignore human nature. Like the Communists and Libertarians the low-techers accept the delusion that human weakness can be overcome by simple idealism.

Set in a low-tech 19th Century environment most Americans would behave like Jefferson Davis; the slaving-owning Confederate President, not Thoreau. After all life on the veranda; sipping a mint julip, is far more comfortable than life in the fields.

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Some Numbers prove that Income Inequality is real and more destructive than you think

The percentage of Americans with no credit cards in 2014 was 29%, up from 22% in 2008 and 20% in 2006, according to a Gallup Survey cited at If these numbers are correct nearly 10% of Americans can no longer quality for a credit card or feel they cannot pay off the balance.

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It Is Easier to Pay off a Mortgage than Student Loan Debt

tudent loan debt is now the most insidious and destructive form of obligation in America. It’s worse than mortgages and possibly even a greater threat to economic stability and individual futures than subprime mortgages were.

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