10 Top Tips to Improve English without even leaving Your City

Learning English if it’s not your first language can seem like a challenge, especially if you’re not in an English speaking country. However, it is simpler than you’d think. The internet gives you access to all the resources you need to speed up your learning process.

You can learn English even without leaving your city because the internet knows no boundaries. You need to learn how to read, write, and speak fluent English because otherwise, you’d miss many job opportunities.

Many international organizations require their employees to be fluent in English. This is because you’re bound to interact with people from different parts of the word. Your fluency in English will allow you to deliver exceptional customer service.

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1. Read English-Language Newspapers

Something as simple as reading newspapers every day can significantly improve your English.

Reading also keeps you in the know of what is happening globally. The best part is you can access any newspaper you want to read online. Thanks to technology, you don’t have to buy the paper every day to find something to read.

Reading exposes you to new vocabularies that will help you better articulate your thoughts. If you come across a word you don’t understand, you can simply Google it to get its meaning.

2. Watch English Language Television Series and Films

Many people don’t know this but watching television films actually improves your vocabulary.

Unlike with newspapers where you have to read, films only require you pay attention. All you need to do is take an interest in a TV series and follow it keenly.

3. Make Friends with Native English-Speaking People

When you have a native English-speaking person, you’ll be forced to learn English to keep up with what they’re saying.

Since you are friends, you can easily ask them to explain words you do not understand. This relationship goes both ways because they also get the opportunity to learn a new language.

4. Listen to English Language Radio

Music is another excellent way of learning English.

Instead of listening to radio stations with presenters who speak your language, go with an English language radio network, or podcasts. You’ll learn from the music and from the discussions in the studio.

5. Get Rid of your Pride

To learn a new language, you’ve got to be willing to look ridiculous.

Throw yourself in challenging situations, and watch how you rise from the ashes. The beginning of the journey will not be easy, but you’ll soon get used to the funny stares. Go to public places and interact with as many English-speaking people as you can.

6. Remember to be Patient

If it seems like you’re not making any progress at all, remember that you cannot learn everything overnight.

Write down every word you learned during the day to keep you motivated to keep going. Don’t be hard on yourself because there’s no one who was born knowing any language at all.

 Imagine you’re a child who’s learning their first steps. Learned at your own pace because you’re not in a race with anyone.

7. Commit to Only Speaking English

Even though this sounds like an impossible mission, you should seriously consider speaking in English only. You’ll have a hard time ignoring the urge to speak in your mother tongue in the beginning, but over time you’ll get the hang of it.

When someone corrects your grammar, take it positively because this is how you learn. Ignore anyone who discourages you and remember why you’re doing this.

8. Break Down the Vocabularies

Focusing on one area gives you an easy time you’re learning a new language.

If you choose to begin with cooking vocabularies, don’t proceed to something else until you know all verbs and nouns associated with cooking. You can follow this up with transport or greetings and so on.

9. Leverage the Internet

You can use Google to translate different words you want to know in English.

The best part about the internet is you can also get the pronunciation of all words you Google. You can also consider getting a language app that guides you through the learning process.

10. Enroll in English Classes

If you have the money, you can enroll in an English class.

It’s much easier this way because you get to interact with others who share your struggle. Ensure you participate in class as much as possible and consult the teacher if you have doubts about anything.


Learning a new language is challenging and exciting at the same time.

Learning a new language is challenging and exciting at the same time. It’s possible to improve your English without leaving the city. Make friends with native English speakers to accelerate your learning process.