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The 5 Most Creative Ways To get People To Remember You And Your Brand

Look around yourself. What do you see? Aren’t you surrounded by brands everywhere you see? There is a brand logo on the coffee you are having, and there is a brand logo on the mobile, desktop or notebook you are reading this on. There is a brand logo on the end of the book, magazine, table, or piece of crockery you are using.

Point being, there are hundreds of brands everywhere. With increased competition between brands, making your brand stand out from the rest has become all the more tricky. However, it isn’t impossible. Here’s how successful brands have gained the reputation that they enjoy today and how you can do so too.

1.      Name it Creatively:


Your brand name needs to be recallable. Don’t we always assume any product starting with an “i” to be by Apple? Don’t we casually use the word Google as a synonym for performing a search (I’ll Google it)? This is the power of catchy brand names. Not only do they give your brand a personality of their own, they also make them unforgettable. So, when choosing a brand name, be sure to have one picked that is closest to what you actually deliver. Frisbee and Band-Aid aren’t actual products, but they have come to be one. We can bet that many of you didn’t know that!

2.      The Right Colour:

The right colours, undeniably, set the tone, essence and sentiments a customer associates with your brand. For example, the colour pink is generally associated with breast cancer while the colour black depicts class and status. So, the right colours can make your brand stand out. When picking a colour for your brand, it is best to go with one that relates to it the most. For instance, if you are selling an herbal product, green is your best bet, and if you are into the food industry, bright shades such as reds and oranges are known to entice hunger. If your product is a ladies epilator, purple will have all their attention. This is how your brand becomes unforgettable.

3.      A Logo that Speaks of Your Brand’s Essence:

We all understand the importance of getting it right the first time. That is what a brand’s logo does; it is the visual representation of your brand. So, the key to choosing one is to design one that is closely associated with your brand. A successful logo may take years to develop. We can name a hundred brands that struggled to find the right representation for them and their brand. PepsiCo is one example.


4.      A Tagline or Jingle that is Unforgettable:

Taglines, slogans, or jingles can also make you and your brand memorable. Think of a brand whose tagline you can remember?  McDonalds? Nike, KFC, Target, LG, Apple? Did you know them all? You probably guessed them all but did you stop and think why they stuck in your head? It’s because they chose the right words to explain their brand. Using as little as 2-5 words, they managed to put the core brand essence in it. Your brand needs one like this too.

5.      Connect to Them:

Be there for them. Most successful brands believe that the overall goal of any marketing activity is to not reap the profits, but to give customers an experience they won’t forget. Association is what they crave and if you succeed in delivering them that, you will be a winner. To elaborate further, think about the first picture that comes to mind when someone says Coke? A young person in a party or on the breach having the time of their life, isn’t it? This is what people pay for when they go to the store to buy a Coke; they pay for the experience that the brand promises.

Kiev, Ukraine - February 21, 2012 - A logotype collection of well-known world brand's printed on paper. Include Google, Mc'Donald's, Nike, Coca-Cola, Facebook, Apple, Yahoo, Nikon, YouTube, Adidas,, Unilever, Twitter, Mastercard, Samsung, Canon and Starbuck's logos.

Bonus Tip: Deliver what You Promise

Lastly, all your efforts will go down the drain if you fail to deliver what you promise. You may become the centre of attention for some time with all that hype you created about your brand, but you will never become one that the customers always recall and associated good words with if you don’t keep your promise. They may be enticed to purchase your brands once, but won’t come back if it didn’t deliver the values you promised.