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5 Ways To Prepare Your House For Sale

There will come a time in nearly all of our lives when we will need to be one of the millions of people who sell their home.

We could be moving somewhere new for work, getting a larger home for our growing family or simply just want a fresh start. However, there is a lot to remember and take care of in the home-selling process.

One of the most important parts of this selling process is preparing your home for sale. Very few people sell their home “as is”, so most will put some prep into their home before officially selling it. But what does that entail? What are some of the ways to prepare your house for sale?

Well, if that’s something that you’re curious about, then you’re in luck. This blog post is going to look at a few different ways to prepare your house for sale.

Make Sure It’s Clean

Of course, one of the first things to do is to ensure the home is clean and spotless. No one wants to view or consider buying a home if it is ridden with stains and other messes. Instead of loading up one day and doing all of the cleaning, try to maintain cleanliness with frequent vacuuming, sweeping, scrubbing and other types of cleaning.

While you might have cleaned everything you can see, that doesn’t mean your home is clean. It is incredibly common for small and largely unnoticeable pests to find their way into your home, especially if it is a little older. Calling a company like Dave’s Pest Control to make sure everything is all good ahead of your sale can be a good idea.

Depersonalize the Home

When people are viewing a home that they may want to buy, they want to envision the home with their furniture, their items and their family.

If your home is full of family pictures, your children’s art on the fridge and a ton of your stuff, it’s hard for potential buyers to have this vision. Keep furniture and art understated and neutral, as not to distract them from the home itself.

As a result, be sure to depersonalize your home before selling it. Keeping it free of clutter is also a good idea, as potential buyers want to see the potential of the home. You can rent a storage unit for your items, keep them at a friends or find somewhere completely out of the way to keep them.

Be Careful with the Smells

When someone is viewing your home, they are doing so with all of their senses.

While most of us will ensure our home looks good to potential buyers, we also need to make sure it smells good. We should do all we can to get rid of bad odors before anyone visits. This could be hiding the cat litter box, cleaning up the bathroom and even watching what you cook.

Some strong smelling foods like garlic or onion can linger for days, so keep that in mind. In addition to getting rid of bad smells, consider flooding the home with good scents ahead of your showing. This could be with fresh flowers, a batch of cookies, some candles or a variety of other things.

Consider Making Small Repairs or Touch Ups

While you don’t need to drop tens of thousands of dollars on a full renovation, even small touch-ups and improvements can make a difference in most rooms.

These small repairs could make or break the sale, and separate you from the competition. This is especially true in a market where the buyers have the power.

As for what you do, that’s your choice. It could be anything from fixing your floors, getting new bathroom fixtures or even painting your walls. Take care of anything that you think could cause a problem and allow a potential buyer to remember your home in a negative manner.

Don’t Forget About Curb Appeal and the Outdoors

Most of us focus on the inside of the home, but don’t forget about the outside.

Curb appeal is incredibly important as people will make their first impression before they step inside your home. The roof should be in good condition, the exterior of the home should be clean and the path to the door should be unobstructed.

Also, many families and individuals want a nice yard, so keep your back yard as clean and attractive as possible. Keep the grass cut, the snow shoveled and ensure all of the bushes and trees are maintained as well. Having nice outdoor space and presentation could be the difference between your home and all the others for sale in the area.

In conclusion, these five tips will be able to prepare your house for sale with as little stress and worry as possible. While the selling process can always be tough, hopefully this article has been able to make it a little bit easier.