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Android Pay adds 72 Banks and Fandango

Android Pay’s relentless growth is continuing. The Alphabet (NASDAQ: GOOGL) digital wallet just has added another 72 financial institutions and the movie ticket purchase app Fandango to its ecosystem.

Alphabet (NASDAQ: NASDAQ: GOOG) added 72 banks and credit unions to the list of financial institutions that support Apple at the beginning of July, Android Police reported. This is addition to the 60 added just a couple of weeks earlier. That means 132 financial institutions joined those supporting Android Pay in just two weeks.

Most of these financial institutions are smaller ones such as the First Bank of Berne, the West Milton Bank and the Sandia Laboratory Federal Credit Union (FCU). Yet each of them has hundreds or thousands of account holders all of whom are now potential Android Pay users.

This means that around 873 US financial institutions now support Android Pay which makes it very competitive with Apple Pay. Several new retailers are now accepting Android Pay as well including Cub Foods, Giant supermarkets, Supervalu, Shop N’ Save, Raley’s and Suprevalu.

Is Fandango on Android Pay?

Fandango will soon start accepting Android Pay, 9to5Google and reported. Persons that use Android Pay to buy tickets through Fandango will get a $3 discount on any movie tickets.

Note: Fandango does yet appear at the official Android Pay website so this report might be premature.

Use Apple Pay at the Ballpark

Apple Pay might be coming to a Major League Baseball (MLB) stadium near you just in time for the All Star Game.

Fans will be able to use Apple Pay at concession stands in five MLB ballparks in this summer with an assist from Appetize, Mac Rumors reported. Appetize is apparently providing the payment solutions for the concessions at those parks.

Fans will be able to use Apple Pay at Coors Field (Colorado Rockies), Yankee Stadium (the Bronx Bombers), Kauffman Stadium (Kansas City Royals) and Angel Stadium (Los Angeles Angels). There’s no word on whether Apple Pay will be coming to other MLB stadiums or other sports venues. Nor is there any word on when Appetize and MLB will start taking Android Pay at the concession.

This means you will be able to use your iPhone to pay for an overpriced beer and hot dog at the stadium. Unfortunately Android users appear to be out of luck at the ball park at least for now.