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Apple Pay in Germany and Shipping to Different Addresses with Apple Pay

Apple Pay is finally available in the Federal Republic of Germany. Importantly, the German Apple Pay website is now in operation.

Apple Pay went live in Germany in mid-December, TechCrunch reports. Several financial institutions including the Deutsche Bank (NYSE: DB), HypoVerinsbank, Bunq and Boon, N26, 02 Banking, fidor bank, Hanaseatic Bank, MasterCard, American Express, Visa, Maestro, VIM Pay, and Comdirect reportedly support Apple Pay in Germany.

In addition, iOS users can make contactless payments with Apple in Germany. Apple’s (NASDAQ: AAPL) Face ID and Touch ID biometrics are available with German Apple Pay.

Apple Pay is More Widely accepted in Germany than America

Interestingly, the German Apple Pay website shows a picture of the Deutsche version of the website of the American online retailer Wayfair (NYSE: W). However, some big-name retailers are accepting Apple Pay in the Federal Republic.

For example, three of Germany’s largest homegrown retailers; Lidl, Aldi, and Aldi Sud accept Apple Pay. Other retailers supporting Apple Pay in Germany include Starbucks, McDonald’s, Shell, Burger King, Allianz Arena Insurance, BVG, and Adidas.

Why Apple Pay Needs Germany

Germany is vital for Apple Pay because it is the largest nation in the Eurozone with 82.79 million people in 2017. In addition, Germany is Europe’s largest national economy; with a gross domestic product (GDP) of $3.677 trillion (€3.32 trillion) in 2017.

Therefore, Apple Pay cannot succeed in Europe without Germany. German acceptance of Apple Pay will drive its use throughout the Eurozone.

Ship to a Different Address with Apple Pay

It is possible to pay for merchandise online with Apple Pay and get the items shipped to a different address. Thus, you can pay for gifts shipped to relatives across the country with Apple Pay.

Adding additional shipping addresses to Apple Pay is easy, Fortune contributor Anthony Karcz claims. Here is how to ship merchandise ordered with Apple Pay to other addresses.

1.    Purchase the items normally and pay for them with Apple Pay.

2.    Make sure Apple Pay confirms the transaction.

3.    Do not double-click on the confirmation.

4.    Instead, select a shipping address. If you select shipping address Apple Pay will let you add a new address or ship to a contact.

5.    You can choose shipping methods through Apple Pay. Just click on shipping method and chose the service and rate you want.

Moreover, you can preload shipping addresses to Apple. Go to settings. Then choose the Wallet and Apple Pay to add the address. Make sure you add it as a shipping address.

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