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Are there free bingo games sites available?

It would be a complete and utter lie to say that the human love for gambling is a purely modern phenomenon, with there being plenty of evidence to suggest that we have been gambling in some shape or form for several thousands of years, if not even longer. But one thing about our modern world is definitely true – there has never been a time where gambling is as popular as it is today, and there has also never been a time where it is anywhere near as much fun either!

There are all manner of options for modern gamblers to choose from too, and one of the most popular currently has got to be online bingo. Bingo has been incredibly popular for the last few hundred years, but now with online bingo, the game has been able to hit a whole new demographic – visit It leads us to the question – are there free bingo games sites available? Keep reading for a lowdown.

Erwin S. Lowe: A vital man in the history of bingo

Before we explore whether or not there are free bingo games available nowadays let us ask you a question – how much do you know about the history of bingo? We wouldn’t blame you for having minimal knowledge on the subject, however it really is worth knowing if you want to be a true bingo pro. Whilst the roots of bingo can be said to go back to 16th century Italy, it was a man called Erwin S. Lowe who changed the face of bingo forever in the early 20th century.

Erwin S. Lowe was an American entrepreneur who grew fascinated with the variant of bingo (then called “beano”) being played at US travelling fares and decided to make a few of his own alterations. After colluding with a mathematician he rolled out his own universally applicable bingo scorecards, thereby giving the game true commercial potential. Without this bingo may never have got to the point it is at today!

Different ways to play bingo for free

The great news about the modern bingo world is that there are more than enough opportunities to play this legendary game for free, and is there anything better than free gambling entertainment? We’re really not too sure! Take a look at some of these ways to play bingo for free below:

  •       Social media bingo: Did you know that you can play bingo through popular social media platforms like Facebook in 2021? Not only does this allow you to play with all of your best friends, but it also allows you to play for free too!
  •   Online bingo deposit offers: Just like with online casino platforms, online bingo providers absolutely love giving deposit offers away to their customers, and if you find the right one this can be another way to play bingo for free.
  • Bingo at home: The great thing about a game like bingo is that it is something you can play at home with relative ease. Get a party of people together and you’re away! The best thing is bingo at home is completely free.