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Asia’s Largest ICO Goes Global

Spindle announces the start of its SPD crowdsale event. The SPD token will be usable in Spindle’s ZETA platform.


After January’s market correction cryptocurrency projects have matured in their ambitions. The need for proper consumer-facing products has become evident, especially ones that provide private investors with transparency and access to expertise in asset management.


SPINDLE is such a team of experts in technology, law, and investment banking. Lead by former Bullion Japan CEO Masamitsu Hirai, they’ve built the ZETA platform to connect any person with tried and true cryptocurrency funds. The platform is designed so that every fund’s history, plans, and performance is recorded and made available to users via smart contracts.

SPD tokens are the way to a cleaner and more informed market.


Spindle Crowdsale Details


  • Started May 9th at 12:00 a.m. GMT.


  • Ends May 15th at 12:00 a.m. GMT.


  • SPD is an ERC20 token.


  • Supply for sale is 4 billion SPD.

  • Price per token will be 0.00033 ETH during the sale.


  • Bonus schedule is the following:


9th – 30% Bonus

10th – 25% Bonus

11th – 20% Bonus

12th – 15% Bonus

13th – 10% Bonus

14th – 5% Bonus

15th – No Bonus


  • Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) are acceptable. Bitcoin (BCT) will not be accepted.


  • Mainland China, Japan, and the United States are excluded from the crowdsale.


About Spindle

SPINDLE is the official utility token to be used on the blockchain-based investment/asset management platform SPINDLE, a comprehensive space which aims to act as a gateway creating access to various investment options at a high level of transparency. SPINDLE believes that establishing a fair relationship between investors and asset managers is the best way to remove investors’ vague sense of unease about investment and encourage involvement in proactive asset management.


With this in mind, SPINDLE aims to serve as a bridge providing transparent access to cryptocurrency fund investment for individual users, and extended exposure to cryptocurrency fund managers. Read the whitepaper. Participate in the airdrop and bounty program . Join the community


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