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Bitcoin And Blockchain 101: Your Most Burning Questions Answered

Bitcoin and blockchain have been around since 2009. They have taken the web and the world by storm and are found in every industry these days – banking, investing, shopping, gaming, gambling, etc.

In other words, they already started disrupting various industries worldwide.

No one even anticipated that world of cryptocurrency would overcome all the challenges that came with its inception. However, Bitcoin kept growing and also had an appreciating value. Not just Bitcoin, the entire crypto space was rising, new digital currencies were launched, and the blockchain network gained unprecedented attention.

The entire world is talking about Bitcoin (BTC), the rise of the blockchain tech, volatile cryptocurrency market, but not everyone knows what this all means precisely.

What Is Bitcoin?

Created in 2009, Bitcoin (BTC) is the first decentralized cryptocurrency that was initially released as an open source software. It works without an administrator or a regulating authority, and all its transactions are verified through cryptography and are stored on a distributed ledger.

What Is Blockchain?

Blockchain is a series of blocks, a growing list of records that are linked to each other using cryptography. Each block has a cryptographic hash of the previous blocks and transaction data.

Some think it as a fad, while some think it as the next internet. Whatever your opinion might be, you cannot deny the fact that this technology has already penetrated all major industries worldwide.

Whether you are new to this industry or an experienced investor, Bitcoinfy’s infographic below will offer you great insights into the subject and will answer all your doubts.

You will learn:

  • What is Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, mining, and blockchain

  • History of Bitcoin

  • Forms of cryptocurrency

  • Why stick to Bitcoin

  • How to get some bitcoins

  • Whether it’s possible to shop with Bitcoin (BTC)

  • Companies accepting Bitcoin (BTC)

  • Bitcoin’s market cap

  • Bitcoin (BTC) and online gambling

So, if you want to know about Bitcoin and blockchain without getting into technical details, this infographic is just for you.