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Blockchain World Open Unveils UNconference Miami

November 30, 2018 Miami, Florida – Blockchain World Open is pleased to announce its UNconference, taking place in Miami on December 3, 2018.

The UNconference aims to reinvent the conference experience. Rather than lofty entrance fees, days of keynote speakers talking at an audience, and an exhibit hall filled with crowded, aggressive vendors, the UNconference approach is one impactful day of meaningful discussion and networking with peers (not vendors). The mission of this UNconference is to foster education, open community, and conversation to provide a refreshing blockchain conference experience.

The innovators behind this concept are three unique blockchain startups: CryptoZink, a blockchain-based global hybrid digital asset exchange focused on education; Real Trade, a blockchain-based real estate platform transforming how real estate is bought, sold and traded around the world; and Smart Recruiting, a boutique blockchain recruiting firm. Each of these innovative startups share a common vision – using their respective platforms to foster mass adoption of blockchain technology across the globe.

Blockchain World Open at UNconference Miami

The UNconference is designed to provide an open space for newbies, entrepreneurs, executives, developers, or anyone interested in learning about blockchain and cryptocurrency, to spearhead intimate conversations and meaningful connections. Attendees will include blockchain enthusiasts from all ends of the spectrum – some who have already achieved great success with blockchain, and others who are just learning and curious about how this technology can help propel their business or industry.

Some of the industry’s most interesting pioneers, masterminds, artists, investors and entrepreneurs – including keynotes from Brock Pierce and Jeremy Gardner – will share their knowledge and ideas about our future. Panels will include a range of topics from “Interesting & Meaningful Use Cases in Blockchain – Solving Real World Problems” to security insights in sessions “Weaponizing Blockchain” and “Cybersecurity in Blockchain – Crypto Hacking.”

Blockchain World Open will take place at the WeWork facility in Miami’s Art Basel district. In addition to its many other virtues, Miami is quickly emerging as a crypto capital in the United States. Mayor Francis Suarez has been an early evangelizer of blockchain technology at the governmental level and Miami is one of the first municipalities in the nation to add blockchain curriculum into elementary schools. Miami is also home to high-tech collaborative living spaces such as the Crypto Castle, which promotes intimate environments for developers to work together. Similar to the UNconference, these are innovative approaches to developing the technologies that will shape the future.

To register for the event, please click here. If you are unable to make your way to Miami for the event, in the spirit of open community and open source, Blockchain World Open will be live streaming the event:

About CryptoZink:


CryptoZink is a global hybrid exchange that combines the best features of a centralized exchange with the most valuable components of a DEX (decentralized exchange); a highly-secure platform to buy, sell, and manage cryptocurrency. The company is dedicated to transforming the way the world does crypto by making real-time and predictive cryptocurrency data easily accessible to everyone, everywhere – to overcome the challenges of trust, security, and lack of credible educational material in the space. Their cornerstone is IN-PERSON education via seminars and conferences versus only online tutorials. Supporting Blockchain World Open is a primary example of how they contribute to in-person education.

About Empower Resources:

 Empower Resources™ is a boutique recruiting firm that specializes in technology, executive, and blockchain talent. Established in 2004, the company is best known for finding extraordinary people and matching them with extraordinary companies. In 2018, the company moved into blockchain through utilization of smart contracts, and a child company was born: Smart Recruiting™. Smart Contracts – Smart Recruiting™ – Building Smarter Companies™.

About Real Trade:

Real Trade is a revolutionary real estate platform using the latest blockchain technology to disrupt the over $200 trillion dollar global real estate market. A trusted global real estate community and database, the platform consists of three aspects: (i) a Global Listing Service to list property for sale, rent, and trade for free; (ii) a Social Media Platform where buyers, sellers, agents, tenants, landlords, developers, lenders, and borrowers can all interact and conduct business; and (iii) an Exchange on which one can create and trade sub assets in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) of real property. Real Trade’s mission is to bring integrity, transparency and efficiency to the global real estate market via blockchain technology.

Media Contact: Robin deLisser, [email protected]

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