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Brain Scientific launches an upgrade of its disposable EEG headset NeuroCap

Publicly-traded medical device and technology company Brain Scientific (OTC: BRSF) is launching an upgraded NeuroCap.  The product is a disposable headset for electroencephalography tests, which now requires less time to set up and is more convenient for patients, the company stated.

This particular gear will come in handy for doctors and EEG technicians in hundreds or even thousands of hospitals in the US, which are struggling to reduce the risk of infecting patients during COVID-19 outbreaks.  Standard EEG testing can take up to 45 min and require the test administrator to remain in close proximity to the patient, Brain Scientific team and other sources tell.    

“We have been working on this version of NeuroCap for several months. Internal tests showed improved impedance and better, faster setup. Two US hospitals have already pre-ordered our new caps for testing purposes and we expect they will be testing them in June-August 2020. This is being implemented to accommodate the growth of the disposable EEG market,” said Irina Nazarova, marketing director at Brain Scientific.

NeuroCap is an FDA-cleared disposable EEG headset with 22 electrodes and 19 active EEG channels. Its single-use life span minimizes cross-contamination and optimizes sanitary practice. The diagnostic tool is compatible with 3rd party amplifiers, it can be administered by clinical staff of any level, and it can be used in healthcare facilities or outpatient settings. NeuroCap is currently being manufactured and may be shipped to medical centers across the United States.

Brain Scientific is a commercial-stage healthcare company offering products and solutions related to the brain including neurology, AI, and machine learning. Its smart diagnostic devices and sensors simplify administration, shorten scan time and cut costs, allowing clinicians to make rapid decisions remotely and bridge the widening gap in access to neurological care.

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