Can Bitgert (BRISE) Make Money from Crypto Engineering?

Bitgert (BRISE) is an effort to cash in on crypto engineering. Bitgert is a crypto engineering organization that builds mass blockchain solutions.

One of those solutions is the Bitgert (BRISE) token that rewards holders with the Binance USD (BUSD) stablecoin. They claim Bitgert (BRISE) offers BUSD status rewards for staking.

In addition, they claim Bitgert auto pays rewards to stakers each minute. Plus, a buyback system buys back 5% of each transaction to finance Bitgert. They will try to maintain Bitgert’s price with regular token burns.

The Bitgert Solutions

Another solution is the BRISE dApp Wallet, a multi-coin wallet app that allows users to send, receive, store, and swap various cryptocurrencies.

Other Bitgert solutions include Bitgert Audit, which provides audit solutions with leaderboard support. Bitgert Audit specializes in blockchain security, AI technology, and manual code review.

Specific Bitgert Audit solutions include Smart Auditing and an Ultra Secure Shield that offers smart protection for cryptocurrency projects. Projects Bitgert is auditing include the TitanApeCoin, Upfinity, Altcrusaders, Rich Stan, Income Island, ChickenZilla, and Rielcoin.

The BRISE dApp Wallet is available for iOS and Android devices. The BRISE dApp Wallet serves as a crypto wallet and gateway to decentralized blockchain apps (dApps).

Meanwhile, BRISE Swap is a decentralized exchange (DEX) built on the Binance Smart Chain. They claim BRISE Swap is a fast and inexpensive alternative to Pancakeswap.

The Bitgert Ecosystem

They claim to offer global coverage through the Bitgert Ecoystem. The BitGert Ecosystem is a blockchain designed to provide simple, quick, and secure cryptocurrency products.

Bitgert’s launch phase is complete. The Launch Phase comprises website, PancakeSwap listing, advertising campaigns, a CoinGecko Listing, and 1,000 holders.

They have also completed the Growth Phase. In the Growth Phase, Bitgert hoped to attract 3,000 holders, hold influencer promotions, list BRISE on CoinMarketCap, and conduct a centralized exchange (CEX).

In the completed Expansion Phase they hoped to attract 20,000 holders, launch the audit solutions with leaderboard support, develop the dApp wallet, list Bitgert (BRISE) on major cryptocurrency exchanges, and launch major promotions. During the completed Utility Phase they hoped to attract 35,000 holders, develop a peer-to-peer (P2P) payment system and integrate the dApp wallet with a decentralized exchange.

The ongoing Lending & Exchange Phase includes an effort to attract 50,000 token holders, peer-to-peer (P2P) lending platform development, a revenue sharing staking program, a charity foundation, and development of a centralized BRISE exchange.

During the last Blockchain Phase, they hope to attract 100,000 holders, develop the blockchain and publish a roadmap. The roadmap will outline the Relaychain, Parachain, and Smart Contracts.

What Value does Bitgert (BRISE) Offer?

Mr. Market thinks Bitgert (BRISE) offers some value. For instance, CoinMarketCap estimates Bitgert was the sixth most trending cryptocurrency on 1 January 2022.

In contrast Bitgert was CoinMarketCap’s 3,004th largest cryptocurrency, with a Coin Price of $0.0000005631 on 4 January 2022. CoinMarketCap gave Bitgert a Market Capitalization of $241.426 million, a Fully Diluted Market Cap of $563.122 million, and a 24-Hour Market Volume of $3.287 million on 4 January 2022.

They based those numbers on a Self-Reported Circulating Supply of 428.3350 billion BRISE and a Total Supply of one trillion BRISE. Meanwhile, Coinbase gave Bitrise a Coin Price of $0.00000050, and a $3.3 24-Hour Market Volume on 4 January 2022.

Bitgert’s Potential Value

In particular, I predict many wealthy financial institutions, including investment banks, central banks, sovereign wealth funds, banks, governments, and hedge funds, will enter the cryptocurrency and blockchain. Those organizations have money and they will need Bitgert’s services.

Hence, I think Bitgert could make money from Fintech. Moreover, I think a large financial institution could buy Bitgert to get its technology. Thus, Bitgert offers some value.

In the final analysis, I think Bitgert is an interesting cryptocurrency from an organization with some interesting technology. I think Bitgert could make money because there is an enormous demand for crypto engineering.