Will Trump Run in 2020?

Hence, I think Trump has not decided about a second term. To clarify, I think the Donald is sensibly waiting to see what the political environment will be in 2020 before announcing.

Under the circumstances, not seeking running in 2020 is the rational course of action for Donald J. Trump. It will not surprise me if Trump “shocks” the media by announcing he is not running for reelection.

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Surprise Trump is good for Democracy

The Resistance is Wrong Trump is good for Democracy
Under these circumstances, the Resistance narrative of Trump threatening American democracy is false. Instead, American democracy is healthier than ever in the age of Trump.

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Why Conservatives Need Basic Income

Technological unemployment is a direct threat to conservatism; because modern conservatism is a middle-class movement. To clarify, conservatism needs a large and growing middle class to provide voters.
For instance, American conservatism was at its height in the 1980s and 1990s; when the middle class made up 59% and 56% of the US population. Notably, the 1980s produced the Reagan Revolution; and the 1990s a long-lasting Republican majority in Congress.

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Will Progressive Racism Hurt Democrats in 2020?

Therefore, overcoming Progressive Racism could be the Democrats’ key to victory in 2020.

Thus the Democrats knew of the dangers of Progressive Racism: and related bigotries, before the 2016 election and ignored the warning. Donald J. Trump, on the other hand, seems to have paid attention.

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San Francisco Giants Boycott could Change American Politics

The most interesting aspect of this story is that there was no San Francisco Giants Boycott. In fact, Johnson backed down without a single fan cancelling his season ticket.

Thus Giants fans showed boycotts are a powerful weapon that can work with little action. Importantly, such boycotts require little effort or sacrifice by ordinary people. Markedly, just the threat of a boycott will force big corporations and billionaires to back down.

The boycotts’ success is terrible news for Republicans because it gives leftists a powerful weapon to choke off conservatives’ money. For instance, a group could launch a boycott of any business with owners that donate money to President Donald J. Trump (R-New York).

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Is Republican Voter Suppression Destroying the GOP?

The long-term result of Republican voter suppression will be a GOP that is uncompetitive in modern American elections. Obviously, suppressing or trying to suppress nonwhite votes; as critics accuse Kobach; and Kemp Georgia’s former secretary of state, of doing is not a sustainable strategy.

Republicans will be noncompetitive because they will only appeal to whites when a majority of the voters are nonwhite. Markedly, this is already happening in nonwhite majority states like California and Texas.

For instance, Democrat Gavin Newsom won the California governor’s race by 14.2 points. For the record, Newsom won 57.1% of the vote while Republican John Cox received 42.9% of the vote.

One reason why Cox did so poorly is that California Republicans are incapable of appealing to nonwhite voters. The California GOP has no appeal for nonwhite voters because its base is lily white.

For example, 86% of Republican voters are still white the Pew Research Center estimates. Thus, to win a Republican primary a candidate must appeal only to the white vote.

Republican voter suppression will not help the GOP in the long term for two reasons. First, voter suppression only works when elections are close such as in Georgia and Florida. When the number of nonwhite vote exceeds whites by 10% or 20% voter suppression will no longer work.

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Ten Practical Solutions to Voter Suppression

Stop electing state secretaries of state and other officials who oversee voter registration and elections.

Make the officials in charge of elections and voter registration nonpolitical.
Create a federal ID card for all legal residents and citizens of the United States.
Implement automatic voter registration nationwide.
Allow voters to vote at any polling place.
Implement mail-in voting nationwide
Make upgrades of election technology mandatory
Establish an Election Security Agency
Create a secure digital voting system
We must get Serious about fighting Voter Suppression

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A Conservative Backlash against Trumpism

The conservative backlash against Trumpism gives Republicans a tough choice. The choice is to stick with a President popular with the base, or compromise with alienated elements.

The choice will have to be made because Republicans need the educated upper class conservatives if they want to be competitive in blue and purple states. Moreover, such voters can cost the GOP seats even in deep red states. For example, a combination of African-Americans and dissatisfied traditionalists thwarted the disgusting Roy Moore’s (R) childish Senate bid in Alabama in 2017.

Such traditionalists often provide the small margins needed to win close elections. Upper class voters are difficult for Republicans to appeal to because they are the opposite of the GOP’s base.

To explain, the upper class voters are often secular and socially liberal but fiscally and economically conservative. For example, upper-class Republicans favor gay rights, gun control, fewer social programs, and lower taxes.

On the other hand, middle and working class Republicans are often socially conservative but economically liberal. Hence, they oppose gay rights but favor higher taxes and broader social programs.

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Trump’s Birthright Citizenship proposal threatens Civil War

Therefore, Trump is partially reviving the loathsome idea that the Constitution entitles only white people to citizenship. However, the President concedes that nonwhites can be citizens if their parents are legal residents of the United States.

To reclaim racists’ support Trump has to reestablish his credentials as a white supremacist. Proposing an end to birthright citizenship; long a goal of white supremacists, is a logical means of achieving that goal.
Therefore, Trump’s birthright proposal is not only racist it is dangerous and irresponsible. The President is proposing a policy that could trigger Civil War to win a few votes.

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