Is Texas Senate Race a 2020 Preview?

If history repeats itself, O’Rourke will lose the Senate race but win the presidency.

There are some interesting parallels between Texas 2018 and Illinois 1858. For example, one candidate; leftist O’Rourke, represents the radical rising tide. Moreover, his opponent; conservative bad boy Cruz, represents the increasingly unpopular old order.

To clarify, back in 1858 average people widely viewed Douglas as a puppet of the Southern Slave Power. Correspondingly, many modern Americans view conservatives; like Cruz, as shills for the corporate plutocracy or 1%.

In 1858, for example, many Americans; particularly northerners, felt the government was the puppet of the Slave Power. That drove them to back the radical Republican Party and vote for unknowns like Lincoln.

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Please don’t Blame Trump for Republican Losses blame Neoliberalism

President Trump’s greatest failure politically is his embrace of neoliberalism. Correspondingly, Trump has bent over backwards in his efforts to appease the worst; most neoliberal, elements of the GOP.

For example, Trump has denied Climate Change, demonized science, gutted environmental regulations, and mindlessly promoted fossil fuels. As a result, voters will blame the Republicans for future catastrophes like fires and hurricanes.

Moreover, Trump has made neoliberal dogma his official policy. To emphasize, the Donald appointed anti-public education fanatic Betsy DeVos as U.S. Secretary of Education. In particular, Trump even privatized two national monuments.

Worst of all, Trump has turned foreign and military policy over to a small cadre of neoconservative imperialists. To enumerate, Trump’s neocons are promoting a trade war with China, mindless military intervention everywhere, war with Iran, and pointless “cold war” with Russia.

Obviously, none of this was what the working-class Trump supporters in their Make America Great Again hats voted for. To clarify, back in 2016 Candidate Trump defended Social Security and Medicare, hinted at single-payer healthcare on the campaign trail, and made his opposition to military interventions clear.

Yet the Donald’s administration keeps delivering more of the same old neoliberalism Americans hate. Perhaps the forgotten promises are the real cause of Trump’s lousy poll numbers.

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The Dangerous Delusions of Mushy Moderates gave us Justice Kavanaugh

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results,” -usually attributed to Albert Einstein.

The American Civil War itself was largely triggered by mushy moderates. It was the mushy moderates’ efforts at compromise that made war inevitable.

For example, the first open combat between proslavery and abolitionist forces was the result of the Kansas Nebraska Act. The Kansas Nebraska Act was mushy moderate U.S. Senator Stephen A. Douglas’s (D-Illinois) attempt to avert conflict by appeasing the Southern slave power. The act led to dozens of deaths in Bleeding Kansas and turned abolitionist terrorist John Brown into a national hero.

Interestingly, the Kansas Nebraska Act was Douglas’s effort to address the failure of two earlier mushy moderate solutions; the Compromise of 1850 and the Fugitive Slave Act. Each of those solutions increased national divisions. History teaches us that mushy moderates will go right on offering destructive compromises and making sleazy deals until the bullets start flying.

Nor was the Civil War the only conflict caused by mushy moderates. World War II broke out in Europe; largely because a mushy moderate British Prime Minister; Neville Chamberlain, kept trying to appease Adolph Hitler.

Moreover, history also teaches us that mushy moderates will ignore the danger until the fighting starts. For example Chamberlain sold out an entire nation; Czechoslovakia, in an effort to preserve the peace in the Munich Agreement of 1938. Yet less than two years later German bombs were falling on London.

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Kavanaugh Nomination Proves Senate Does not represent America

“A body of men holding themselves accountable to nobody ought not to be trusted by anybody” ― Thomas Paine.

Frighteningly, the Senate will be even less representative soon. Surprisingly, just 30 Senators could represent 70% of Americans by 2040.

Under those circumstances, 70 Senators will represent 30% of Americans, David Birdsell predicts. Birdsell is the dean of the school of public and international affairs at Baruch College. Tellingly, Birdsell is one of many demographers offering such warnings.

As an illustration 30% of Senators will represent the 15 states that contain 67% of the population in 2040, the Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service projects. The Center at the University of Virginia forecasts nine states will be home to half of America’s population in 2040, Bump notes.

Consequently, just 18 Senators will represent half of Americans by 2040. That situation violates the values of the American Revolution. For instance, one of the Revolution’s main slogans was “no taxation without representation.” Presently, the United States violates that ideal for most of its citizens.

Markedly, just 30% of the population will elect Senators enacting taxes, voting to go to war, and approving federal judges. As a result America will have a government that violates its basic values.

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The Destructive Kavanaugh Hearings will lead to Impeachment

The Democrats are obviously preparing case for the impeachment of Kavanaugh. To explain they are portraying Kavanaugh as unfit for the court to justify his removal.
I think a Kavanaugh impeachment is probable – if Democrats get control of the Senate in 2019 or 2021. The Constitution provides for Supreme Court impeachment; even though it has not occurred since 1805. Tellingly, politics motivated the last Supreme Court Impeachment that of Samuel Chase.
Interestingly, there is another good reason for Democrats to impeach Kavanaugh. It enables them to avoid impeaching President Donald J. Trump (R-New York).
In the first place, the Democratic base is howling for blood and screaming for impeachment. Obviously, Congress can placate the mob by throwing a prominent Republican to it.
Additionally, impeaching a Supreme Court Justice who could serve 40 or 50 years makes far more sense removing a President. To clarify, the president only serves four to eight years. Accordingly, a Kavanaugh impeachment is far more logical than a Trump impeachment.

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The Coming Climate Change Denial Witch Hunt

The Communism deniers; like the Climate Change deniers, succeeded because the reality they were trying to whitewash was too unsettling. No 20th Century intellectual wanted to admit that his ideas were inspiring atrocities. Few modern Americans want to admit their lifestyles are harming the planet.

Given this history Climate Change Denial is likely to generate a greater and more destructive witch hunt than Communism Denial.

The Climate Change McCarthy will remind voters that Republicans, big business, the conservative media, and promoted Climate Change denial.

Leftist intellectuals seeking payback for decades of conservative abuse are likely to lead the witch hunt.

All it will take to launch that witch hunt are a few more climate-linked catastrophes; such as the California fires, and a McCarthy type demagogue (any politician that needs to distract voters from a scandal) with a Twitter account.

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Democrats’ Trump Investigation will not go far enough

Congress will not ask the right questions or carry out the investigations that might lead to real reforms.

There is much about Trump for Democrats to investigate and a great deal of it is important. Unfortunately, I doubt we will see such investigations, because the will expose the corruption of Democrats and their donors.

Democrats will not touch that investigation, because it gives Republicans a readymade issue to attract black voters with.

There is a lot of circumstantial evidence linking Trump relatives with a foreign power but it’s not Russia.
Trump’s family has close connections with the People’s Republic of China.
Direct evidence of sleazy deals involving Trump kin and China aboundd

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How The New York Times’ Anonymous Op-Ed Helps Trump

Both Trump supporters and opponents need to be leery of media outlets like The New York Times. At the end of the day, their agenda is simply to help the rich make money.

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Why Intolerance pays off in American Politics

Strangely, these groups succeed because their intolerance makes them easier to cooperate with.
Intolerant groups take definite stands on specific issues. The Religious Right refuses to compromise on abortion, for example. However, there are many issues the Religious Right has no real interest in such as economic policy.
Therefore, it is easy to compromise with the Religious Right as long as you long as you agree with its stand on abortion. President Donald J. Trump (R-New York) won the Religious Right’s support for his economic agenda by adopting the Religious Right’s radical opposition to abortion.
Intolerant groups have the advantage of consistency. Would-be allies do not have to worry about the intolerant suddenly changing a policy or switching sides. Trump will receive Religious Right backing as long as he sides with it on abortion.
On the left, politicians like Representative Nancy Pelosi (D-California) know they can count on the women’s movement as long as they agree with it on abortion. Likewise, politically correct leftists are dependable allies for “moderate Democrats” willing to compromise on economic issues.
The intolerant succeed in American politics because they are dependable allies. Moderates make lousy allies because they are always open to shifting alliances.

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The Two John McCains

John S. McCain (R-Arizona) politician was a national disgrace. During a 30-year Congressional career, McCain accomplished nothing save one piece of questionable campaign reform legislation, the McCain-Feingold Act. Tellingly, the U.S. Supreme Court later struck down much of McCain-Feingold as unconstitutional.

There is another disturbing similarity between McCain and the Donald. Like Trump, McCain was a master at manipulating popular emotions. McCain built his career by playing on popular guilt over the Vietnam War. Trump’s success is based on his expertise at manipulating the anger and frustration of ordinary Americans with politicians like McCain.

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