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Spotify (NYSE: SPOT)

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How Much Money did Spotify (SPOT) make in 2021?

Hence, Spotify is growing but not making money. Moreover, the subscriber base growth justifies the risk Spotify (SPOT) took by paying $100 million for The Joe Rogan Experience.

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The Real Reason they’re trying to Cancel Joe Rogan: he talks to the Wrong People

Instead, the Democratic establishment will try to cancel anybody who gives supporters of those policies a platform. For example, Joe Rogan.

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Is Spotify (NYSE: SPOT) making more money with Joe Rogan?

Consequently, many more people began using Spotify for music and podcasts. Thus, Spotify’s growth could have little to do with Rogan.

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Can Sirius XM Survive without Howard Stern?

I think Stern could go to Spotify because Spotify could offer him a larger audience. Remember, Howard is an egomaniac who calls himself the King of All Media. Hence, Stern wants the biggest audience possible.

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Can Emanate Make Money from a Music Cryptocurrency?

Theoretically, a smart contract will automatically perform actions such as payment. Thus, smart contracts will control all transactions on Emanate. The hope is that the smart contracts will automatically pay performers the royalties. Plus, smart contracts could theoretically protect creators’ ownership rights.

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Can Sirius XM Survive?

Interestingly, Sirius generates a lot of cash; $1.88 billion in cash from operations and a free cash flow of $1.525 billion in 2018. Conversely, Spotify reports an annual free cash flow of $105.75 million and an operating cash flow of $395.40 million for 2018.

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