China is winning the Battle for Global Economic Domination

China is winning the battle for global economic domination and nobody in America is noticing.

For example, they opened a direct rail link between Xian, China, and Istanbul, Turkey, on 6 November 2019. On that day, a freight train made the most important crossing of the Bosporus since the armies of Sultan Mehmed II marched into Constantinople.

To explain, trains can now haul freight directly between the People’s Republic of China and the European Union. Hence, you could ship French wine to Beijing; and Chinese electronics to Rotterdam, by rail.

Yet, the Trump-obsessed American media failed to notice what The Mortons Group chairman Geoffrey Aronson calls “The Modern Suez Canal.” To explain, the Suez Canal revolutionized 19th Century trade by making ocean voyages between Europe and Asia short and easy.

The New Silk Road Reaches Europe

Now China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) or New Silk Road connects Xian with Prague. The phrase Silk Road refers to the historic trade route between China and the Byzantine Empire.

Importantly, the Silk Road was the route Mongol armies followed to Europe in the 13th Century. Today’s “Iron Silk Road” connects Xian with Eastern Europe via the Marmaray rail tunnel under the Bosporus.

Trains of the China Railway Express are carrying Chinese merchandise through the tunnel in time for Europe’s Christmas shopping season. Yet, nobody in America seems to care.

China Wins Again

Sadly, some American media outlets are trumpeting “American victory in the trade war” even as China lays the groundwork for economic domination of Europe.

I think the People’s Republic won an important long-term victory by opening the rail link. However, Americans did not notice because we no longer think long term.

Moreover, China can project its military power into the heart of Europe. Paranoids will note that the same trains that carry cargo containers can also haul People’s Liberation Army (PLA) tanks. 

I have to wonder what will happen when Americans wake up and realize they are living in China’s world. I imagine that day will be soon and the psychological and political fallout from that realization will be nasty.

China is Number One

Remember, educators, politicians, and pop culture have taught Americans that they are the greatest and richest nation in the world with no equals for generations. There will be hell to pay when that fantasy collapses.

I imagine the American Firsters will need a scapegoat when they learn China is number one. Currently, there is an excellent scapegoat for their anger in the White House, his name is Donald J. Trump (R-New York). I suspect nationalists will one day brand Trump a traitor and a Chinese agent.

My prediction is Americans will turn on each other, instead of trying to rebuild their economic power, when they realize China is number one. I have to wonder how many political careers and lives the collapse of the America First fantasy will destroy because short-sighted Americans need a scapegoat for Chinese success.

A freight train changed the world on 6 November 2019 and nobody in America noticed.