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Creative Small Business Packaging Ideas for Your Products

When a company sells products to clients and customers, the packaging can seem like an afterthought. A small business can use the packaging to its advantage against similar competition.

What does your small business packaging say about you?

Don’t let your business be forgotten with boring packaging. Use these creative ideas to stand out and be recognized.

Don’t Be Cliche With Color

New products and companies are starting every day. A lot of these companies follow the same patterns and colors. 

The current trend right now is to use off-white and light blues for packaging. The reason these colors are used is that they appeal to people on a visceral level.

Use colors that catch the eye or evoke a certain emotion. You want people to think about the packaging all day until they make a purchase

While everyone else zigs, you should zag.

Less Is More for Small Business Packaging

Best-selling products don’t need expensive packaging or intricate designs everywhere. A simple and sharp look is enough to attract customers.

Use clear packaging instead of covering up the contents inside. Let your products speak for themselves, and limit your packaging to a logo and mandatory information.

Don’t overthink your packaging. It can become distracting and unnecessary. People should look at your product and know exactly what’s inside. 

Make the Packaging Experiential

Usually, the packaging of a product is tossed in the trash right after being opened. What if you turned the packaging into part of the product?

Think of different ways to utilize the packaging for a consumer. Here are some different options:

  • Bag/container
  • Biodegradable mulch
  • Poster/sticker

Being able to reuse a package like a bag or a container will give extra legs to a product. When consumers choose between you or a competitor, they will remember the extra utility of your package.

A flexible packaging company can help make your product packaging more versatile as a holder.

If your package is made of biodegradable material, then your customers can turn your packages into mulch and use them in gardens.

Can your package be flattened? Maybe you can add peel-off stickers to the outside of your package for customers to use. The packaging you use could become a walking billboard and paid advertising.

Add a Bonus Inside

This creative idea doesn’t have as much to do with the packaging as it does with public relations. Add a bonus inside your packaging with your product. 

Include a preprinted card thanking a customer for their purchase. Small touches like that can get you a loyal buyer for life. Even a business card may connect with the right person.

As a small business owner, you can include anything you want with a product that you think will capture the hearts and minds of customers.

Make Your Packaging Unique

Small business packaging can be economical and effective at the same time. Limited resources and budgets force businesses to make packaging unique.

These creative ideas are meant to give your small business an edge, but you can also use your packaging to brand and market.

If you’re interested in more creative articles, then keep scrolling our blog. 

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