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Does Your Marketing Strategy Need a Wake-Up Call?

Do you know what 46% of Americans do before getting out of bed in the morning? Minds out the gutter, please, they check their phones.

What does that have to do with marketing? It shows the integral part that our smartphones are playing in our lives and in digital marketing. It also demonstrates the importance of keeping up with the latest trends in digital marketing.

To give you a head start for 2020, we’ve got the killer infographic below. It’s packed with useful statistics and some evidence-based tips. And that’s information that can be hard to find online today. It’s not that it’s not out there, it’s more that people don’t take the time to dig it out.

Well, today, that problem has been solved thanks to the team at SerpWatch. The infographic is not an opinion piece but rather a collection of fascinating facts.

You’ll learn about the factors that will drive digital marketing in the coming months. You’ll learn where it’s best to focus your efforts. Should you dump email marketing and focus on social media? Is PPC marketing still effective? These are some of the questions you’ll find answered below.

Main Digital Marketing Tools

The infographic covers all the main digital marketing tools, such as:

  • SEO – Should you increase your spend on PPC advertising to boost your rank?
  • Local SEO – Is it really worth aiming for Google’s three-pack?
  • Mobile search – Are you losing out because your advertising is not mobile-friendly?
  • Social media – Does one platform outshine the others, or is it wise to choose a multi-platform approach?
  • Video marketing – Are product videos the key to boosting your sales? What’s all the buzz about social videos?
  • YouTube – Should your brand be present on YouTube?
  • Video consumption – How many consumers watch the whole video? Can video drive traffic effectively?
  • Cold email marketing – Why is there so much fuss about personalization and segmentation?
  • Email usage – How are other marketers using email marketing?
  • Mobile email – Why it’s essential that your emails display well on mobile?
  • Paid advertising – Is PPC marketing still effective?
  • Mobile advertising – Are mobile ads becoming a menace for consumers?
  • Ad blocking – Is ad-blocking software the death knell for digital marketing?
  • Pop-up advertising – Are you still using pop-ups? This section might make you change your mind.
  • Lead generation – Which tactics work and which don’t? Find out below.
  • Marketing automation – Are you missing out by not automating your efforts?
  • Content marketing – Why is this considered one of the leading marketing strategies?