Elitium Launches Crypto Rewards, Staking to Address Income Crunch

In the wake of the current global pandemic, millions of jobs are lost, and there is profound uncertainty about the future.

The need of the hour is simple: deliver to the general public ways to create value so that they can more easily sustain themselves during the worldwide economic decline we all face.

Toward this end, Elitium provides a tangible solution in the form of rewards and earnings via social-sharing initiatives, promotions, staking, and more. Read on to learn more about this niche innovation.

Elitium announces two programs that will ease the earnings squeeze

Elitium recently announced two programs that will help ease the earnings squeeze for millions of workers globally.

A token distribution program helps earn Elitium Tokens (EUM) by participating in article writing, marketing initiatives, promotion of the Elitium platform, and sharing, liking, and commenting on platform-related news on social media. The more Elitium traction you create, the more EUM you earn.

The second way to earn is via the staking program. Not much technical knowledge is required, and you can be up and running within minutes and with just a few clicks.

Simply purchase EUM with your credit card (or other cryptocurrencies), start staking with just one click and enjoy rewards of up to 6.5% per year on your EUM balance. You are always in control of your token balances, and you can spend your holdings with the upcoming Elitium debit card for day-to-day transactions.

Elitium Facilitates Spending

Elitium is the brainchild of Raoul Milhado; an experienced digital marketer and technologist, who identified serious gaps in the way services are provisioned in the luxury industry.

“Despite the money involved, everything felt so outdated; it became clear there was this huge opportunity to combine technologies and develop a complete solution that would set a new standard in luxury, which historically is a sector that’s fallen short in terms of innovation,”  Milhado says.

Elitium itself is an Ethereum based blockchain solution. It is a decentralized global ecosystem that facilitates spending via EUM to, for example, clients can pay bills via a crypto debit card or through it’s own digital bank account.

With the native app, it connects luxury brands with clients, allowing them to spend EUM on unique experiences and products, as well as luxury events hosted by Elitium. It aims to be a global player in the growing luxury goods market, and the user interface, app, smart contracts and flexible payment features have been designed to deliver a world-class user experience that is fast, reliable, and secure.

Elitium is more than the EUM Token

Elitium is more than the EUM Token and it is more than a blockchain application. It is a promise of a new digital era that will forever change the global financial landscape, a solution that bridges the gap between the old economy and the new.

It will change how people and businesses deal with currency and finance, how they enjoy their everyday lives, and how they connect with others, enjoy collective experiences, and build value as well as memories. It is an ecosystem that combines digital investments with digital luxuries and will redefine the benefits and utility of what currencies are expected to do. All that with premium quality features and functionalities to create that feeling that everybody loves in the luxury industry.

Currency has already moved from precious metals to paper, and now we are moving from paper to a cashless society. Today, the world is undergoing a financial revolution towards digital. In this world, currency needs to be flexible, liquid, and as easily accepted for bills or groceries as it is for premium-grade investments or luxury vacations.

EUM is the currency that can make it happen, unlocking a wealth of opportunity for all in the process. The founders focused on product development and company growth during the early years of the project and are meaningfully helping people stay on their feet during the current economic crisis.

Last week Elitium launched their re-worked staking program, where you can easily purchase EUM directly with your credit card, or transfer your EUM through their listed exchanges, and start staking with just one click. Learn more about it here: https://www.elitium.io/staking