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Four great news apps to keep you updated every day

In the non-stop world of 2019, we have a seemingly insatiable need to be constantly updated on what is happening in the world. Even if we have the occasional moment in which we admit to ourselves that we can really live without the constant information flow, peer pressure on both the business and personal fronts make us feel that if we are not at the center of information flow, we are in danger of being left behind.

Of course, in this mobile age, there is only one way to stay in touch, and that is via a suitable news app. But which should you choose? That very much depends on the sort of news you want to follow at a given moment, so don’t restrict yourself to only one. The following are all worthy additions to your smartphone.

World news – just ask Google

There are plenty of established names in the news apps sector, such as BBC, CNN and so on. But while purists might shudder, there really is no news app that is more comprehensive than Google News.

It pulls its stories from across the world without bias, so if truly global reportage is your top priority, you need look no further. Of course, this is Google, so it is more than just a list of stories. The developers assure us that more you use the app, the better it will get to know the sort of articles that interest you.

Finance news – Bloomberg

The finance sector offers a variety of apps from established names such as CNBC, The Financial Times, Fox and others. However, the style, layout, usability and depth of the Bloomberg Business News app makes this one our finance news app of choice.

The content, both written and video, is of top notch quality and comes from respected journalists. There are also some handy portfolio tools as an added bonus for the serious investors who like to do more than just watch.

Gaming news – To Play

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. This is the age of the gamer, and if you sometimes like to swap Wall Street for Winningroom, you are in good company.

Gaming news apps come and go, but one that has become an established favorite among followers of everything from serious eSports to free mobile games is To Play. It’s a great way to keep up with all the latest reviews, updates and releases.

Sports news – ESPN

Ten years ago, choosing the best sporting publication really depended on what sport you choose to follow. Then along came ESPN and changed all the rules.

From the biggest global tournaments such as European Football or Formula One to more niche sports such as downhill skiing or the English county cricket, ESPN provides unprecedented depth. Their coverage is unbiased and knowledgeable, while the stats, interview and video highlights at your disposal are nothing short of awesome and can keep you occupied for hours on end.