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French Cybersecurity Agency Certifies Nano S Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet

The National Cybersecurity Agency of France; or ANSSI, has certified the security of the Ledger Nano S hardware wallet.

To clarify, the ANSSI is issuing a First Level Security Certificate for the Nano S, Cointelegraph reports. Impressively, the ANSSI is France’s official cybersecurity agency similar to the American National Security Agency or Britain’s GCHQ, or Government Communications Headquarters.

First-level Security Certification means that the the ANSSI tested the Nano S’s firewall, identification, authentication, security, access, and software. Moreover, the Nano S apparently meets the ANSSI’s security standards.

Thus the Nanos S’s random-number generator, and other security features comply with France’s national security standards. Hence, the French military or security services could now use the Nano S.

Security features the ANSSI requires include mandatory PIN numbers, end-user verification, and communications over secure channels, Cointelegraph claims. Thus, the Nano S could be one of the most secure hand-held devices around.

French Cybersecurity Agency Certifies Nano S

The Ledger Nano S, is a small multicurrency hardware wallet that stores the Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Zcash and Dash cryptocurrencies.

The Nano S is less impressive than Ledger’s large and more elaborate Ledger Blue. To explain, the Ledger S is an offline cryptocurrency storage device.

Meanwhile, Ledger Blue is a cryptocurrency management device with a computer processor and a Wi-Fi connection. In fact, you can use the Ledger Blue’s 3.5 inch screen to buy, sell, and trade cryptocurencies. However, there is no evidence the ANSSI is certifying or testing the Ledger Blue yet.

French-based Ledger is one of the most popular and best-known hardware Wallet manufacturers. Notably, Ledger is marketing another device it calls the Nano X

The Ledger Nano X Hardware Wallet offers Bluetooth Connectivity 

The Nano X features a CC EAL5 Chip, Bluetooth connectivity, backup and storage for 100 apps.

Thus it will be possible to make cryptocurrency transactions without a direct connection. Instead, the Nano X communicates with devices through an encrypted Bluetooth connection. For instance, the Nano X will communicate with most smartphones via Wi-Fi.

Unfortunately, the Nano X is not for sale yet. In addition, there is no evidence the ASSI will certify the Nano X. Interestingly, Ledger claims the Nano X supports over 1,100 crypto assets.

My guess is this means it will store Ethereum Request for Comment (ERC20) utility tokens. Moreover, the Nano X will store Ripple (XRP) however, Ledger does not say if the Nano X will support EOS (EOS) tokens.

Notably, the Nano X is rather pricey at $119 for a pre-order. However, with the growing use of cryptocurrency and the popularity of stablecoins, I think Ledger will find a big market for the Nano X.