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From Humble Beginnings To Unparalleled Success – The Growth of Fantasy Sports

Fantasy sport has become immensely popular in the last decade. In past years, fantasy sport leagues and competitions were simple affairs that friends and coworkers would compete in for fun. In today’s world however, fantasy sport now means big business and offers the chance to win cold hard cash!


Sport lovers from the US and Canada can now sign up to online fantasy sport websites such as DraftKings and FanDuel and compete against millions of other players worldwide for large cash prizes. In essence, fantasy sport has become an extension of online betting and added a whole new range of possibilities for those who love sport.


Fantasy leagues a popular pastime as participants, who, according to BettingSites, feel like they have a genuine level of control: they can manage their team, make squad changes, and fulfil their wildest managerial dreams. Unlike pure sports betting, fantasy sports require serious research and strategic management of limited resources.


Participating in a fantasy sport league allows you to test your managerial skills and see if your sporting and tactical knowledge is as good as you have always thought! Throw in the chance to win cash prizes and it is easy to see why platforms such as DraftKings are now worth billions of US dollars.


Online fantasy sports platforms usually charge an entry fee or a subscription fee. Users can then participate in a league of their choice for their favourite sport. Popular fantasy sports include basketball, baseball, American football and soccer. The platform will usually contain a huge database of stats and information that users can tap into to improve their decision making and engage in a fulfilling fantasy sport experience.


The following infographic provides some additional info and stats about fantasy sports: