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Google Pay in Germany

Alphabet (NASDAQ: GOOG) is expanding its presence in the digital wallet sphere dramatically. Google Pay rolled out in Germany and integrated with a peer-to-peer payments solution.

The app formerly known as Android Pay was rolled out in Germany at the end of June. Germany is important because it is the largest nation in the Eurozone and the lynchpin of the European economy.

Google Pay might be a hard sell in Deutschland because Germans love their cash, The Local noted. Around 75% of all transactions in Germany are settled with cash.

Tellingly only a handful of German banks including N26, Comdirect, Commerzbank, Revolut, and LBBW, are supporting Google Pay. Still Alphabet (NASDAQ: GOOGL) has beaten Apple to the punch in Europe’s largest economy. Apply Pay is not scheduled to roll out in the country until later this year.

Google Pay Send Integrated with Google Pay

The Google Pay Send Peer-to-peer (P2P) solution has been rolled into Google Pay, The Economic Times reported.

This will enable users to buy tickets for travel, concerts and moves with Google Play, The Economic Times reported. Users will also be able to send money to family and friends.

That will enable Google Pay to be accessed through iOS and on transit trains and buses, The Economic Times reported. The Economic Times did not say whether Alphabet intends to fold its Indian P2P solution Tez into Google Pay.

The upgraded Google Pay will first roll out in the United Sates before moving onto European markets such as the United Kingdom. This is the latest round in Alphabet’s efforts to combine its digital wallets into one solution.

Other features in the new and improved Google Pay include access to loyalty cards. The new Google Pay is supposed to be in sync with your Google Account. That should make it easier to add banking and credit card information.

Movie, concert, sports, theater, train, bus, and plane tickets will be accessible through the passes tab in Google Pay. That will enable people to use their Google Account as a digital ticket for travel or entertainment.

Users will even be able to book theater or football tickets with Google Pay through iOS devices such as Macs using Passes. Now it remains to be seen if Germans are willing buy those tickets with Google Pay.