We, my friends, are living in the strangest times today. Where countries upon countries are shutting down, the deadly COVID-19 has shackled the world in its evil clutches with great force.

That you can consider as one of the world’s major economic downturns, anyone has ever seen recently. Only time can tell the depth of this slump and its after-effects on the economies of the world. In these testing times, keeping your businesses afloat has to be the primary focus.

 It is the time where a few strategic marketing tactics can come into play if used effectively. Here are some ways that can help you to boost your marketing during the economic downturn the world is facing.

Email Marketing Is A Must:

If you have not focused on email marketing for your business up until now, then it is high time that you can do.

That is on the rise in the economic downturn we are facing. It is a cost-effective marketing channel but can reach the masses. In this situation, you want to keep the costs of marketing to a minimum.

The finances are a significant concern at this point, and through email marketing, you can attract as many people as you possibly want. With it, you can roll out information in a way that is both informative and worthy of your business.

Email marketing helps bridge the gap between customers and the industry. It can connect them to your practices in a much deeper way then you could have anticipated.

Organize your customers into the groups. And through the use of automation, try to target as many groups as possible according to your business practices.

Become SEO Intensive:

The power of search engine optimization (SEO) can blow your mind away. What is the one thing you want to do for your business during this economic lockdown?

You need to make sure that it emerges as a leader in every way, through the help of an influential tool called the SEO. This is the best way to tackle business influences from COVID-19 and your digital marketing strategy together in one go.

 Always be on the lookout for essential keywords that are going to grasp the attention of your customers. Keep revisiting the search term report daily to see what is working for your business during this downturn.

Purposefully distribute your content all through different and relevant sites to be sure that you are utilizing it. Invest this downtime on creating content that is going to hit home and catch customers in a trance.

Streamline Categorically:

There are four stages or categories that consumers are placed in when facing an economic downturn.

Slam on the brakes (stopping all nonessential purchases), pained but patient (pull back on investments to only some extent), comfortably well off (spend money purposely but do not feel the full economic impact yet). And finally, live for today (act like nothing is wrong and do not save on purchasing).

Your business must streamline your customer base categorically and market the products or services in the manner each grouping might need. Fathom were your core clients occur on the spectrum.

This way, you would know that if you have an essential or a luxury product, then how to go forth with your marketing tactic. It can help you vigilantly plan and accomplish techniques to assist the business in the most fabulous way possible.

Track Your Customer Trends:

You must keep all your eyes on the evolving consumer trends that the economic downturn is bringing forward.

See where your customers are most willing to spend the money. For some people, it might be essential items; some might even take advantage of sales and go for luxury items as well. Now the trick is to fully comprehend this pattern of trends and then hit the hammer of marketing while it’s hot.

Start gathering data and statistics for the time spent by consumers on your products. This way, you can come up with better strategies to either focus on the same product to increase sales. With it, you must innovate to stay on top of your game each time.  

Focus on Existing Customers:

As much as you would like for your business to grow by finding a newer customer base each day, an economic downturn is not the time to focus on that.

Here is the time where your sole focus should be on retaining the existing customers as much as you can. With the shift in properties, the spending behavior also changes. You need to be sure that you are not losing too many of your existing clients.

Regardless of the industry, in an economic downturn, the biggest asset for your business are the current customers. Create a marketing plan that values your customer’s happiness and well-being.

Making their needs and wants your priority will instill them with this sense of association that will keep them joined to your business despite the conditions overall.

Do Not Slash All Budgets:

Huge marketing fails; many businesses tend to do is that they immediately slash out all the budgets for this particular business operation.

That is not the smart way to go about it, especially in an economic downturn. You can use this time to vigorously launch a digital marketing plan that solely targets online customers and directs them to your website efficiently.

According to the Harvard Business Review, a downturn might be the best time to speed up your marketing practices in full force. Spending on meaningful full content can turn out to be very profitable for your business in the long run.


An economic downturn can be swift and severe in most cases, but it is highly relevant to always find the silver lining in these situations.

In terms of your business marketing, actively look for ways to connect better with your customers because that is the only way you can survive. Be functioning and smart about how you effectively market your content.