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Hypocrisy and Corruption destroying Evangelicals

The shoddy spectacle of hypocrisy and corruption destroying Evangelicals; and their institutions, will change American politics. In fact, two news stories show how corruption and hypocrisy will destroy the power of Evangelical Christianity in America.

First, former Trump fixer and lawyer Michael Cohen helped Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr suppress incriminating photographs, Reuters claims. Specifically, Reuters alleges a tape reveals Cohen confessing to asking an unidentified person to destroy “compromising photographs” of Falwell engaging in sex acts. However, Reuters presents no evidence the photographs exist.

Additionally, Reuters alleges Cohen helped convince Falwell to endorse President Donald J. Trump’s (R-New York) successful presidential run in 2016. Notably, Falwell campaigned for Trump and vouched for the president’s “Christian’s values.”

Corruption is the Bomb that could blow the Evangelical Establishment Apart

If true, Reuters’ unproven allegations could be the time bomb that blows America’s Evangelical Establishment apart.

To clarify, Reuters is alleging that one of America’s largest Evangelical institutions; Liberty University, sold out to endorse a politician. I don’t think this scandal could hurt Trump, but it can bring Falwell down and destroy Liberty University.

Importantly, Falwell’s father, Jerry Falwell Sr. a popular “champion of morality,” founded Liberty University. However, Liberty University is blatantly promoting Trump.

For example, Liberty University produced the ludicrous movie The Trump Prophecy. Vox describes that movie as a “pro-Trump propaganda film” that claims God ordained the president. Obviously, skeptics will wonder who paid for The Trump Prophecy and why.

Essentially, this scandal could undermine what little credibility and moral authority Evangelical leaders and institutions. have left. Moreover, this scandal will turn Evangelical leaders against each other in a destructive civil war. Sadly, that war may have already begun.

How Hypocrisy is destroying Evangelicals

Incredibly, a Christian group called the American Family Association (AFA) is collecting signatures for a petition attacking National Review writer David French.

The AFA is attacking French because he wrote a column condemning the hypocrisy of Evangelical leader Franklin Graham. Specifically, French accurately calls Graham a hypocrite for defending adulterer Donald J. Trump, but attacking another presidential philanderer William Jefferson Clinton (D-Arkansas).

However, the AFA is condemning French, a conservative Christian, for pointing out Graham’s hypocrisy. To clarify, Graham is the son of legendary evangelical leader the Reverend Billy Graham. Like Falwell Jr., Graham is an outspoken defender of Trump.

Are Evangelical Leaders Caesar’s Hatchetmen or his Victims?

Consequently, I have to wonder is the AFA defending Graham, or attacking a Christian intellectual who mildly criticizes a powerful political ally? Thus, the AFA is acting more like Caesar’s hatchetman than a shepherd of God.

Cynics will wonder if Trump or his allies are paying the AFA or pressuring it to condemn French. If Evangelical leaders are acting as Caesar’s enforcers, the corruption and hypocrisy are complete.

Additionally, the scandal will be fatal to Evangelical moral authority, if evidence emerges that Trump and his minions are helping Evangelical leaders hide sexual misconduct or abuse. There will be even greater damage, if evidence shows Trump; or his henchmen, blackmailed Evangelical leaders into supporting the President with dirt about sexual or other wrongdoings.  

Will Sexual Abuse destroy Evangelical Christians?

Notably, The Houston Chronicle alleges the South Baptist Convention; America’s largest Evangelical denomination, did nothing to stop widespread sexual abuse. Furthermore, The Chronicle alleges the abuse went on for 20 years affecting over 700 children.

Under these circumstances, I have to wonder if Evangelical institutions are collapsing from corruption and hypocrisy like the Roman Catholic Church is. Watch, the Cohen/Falwell scandal and the French/AFA battle closely, they could destroy American Evangelicalism just as the sexual abuse scandal is destroying the Catholic Church. 

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