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Is Keith Ellison Predicting a Republican Victory in November?

A Democratic superstar might be predicting a Republican victory in this fall’s Congressional battle. One of the most visible House members, U.S. Representative Keith Ellison (R-Minnesota) abruptly decided not to seek reelection on June 6.

Instead, Ellison will run for Minnesota Attorney General. Ellison has been rather vague about the reasons for his exit but he might sense a looming Democratic disaster, MinnPost reported. We should pay close attention because Ellison has a pretty good track record as a political predictor.

Ellison became the butt of jokes for labeling Donald J. Trump “leader of the pack” in the Republican presidential race in on ABC’s This Week on July 7, 2015, The Intercept reported. Hindsight tells us that Ellison correct about Trump but underestimated his potential.

 Why is Ellison Leaving Congress?

Ellison might sense that predictions of a Democratic House flip in the November 6 Congressional election are over optimistic. He might fear that the Republicans may retain their majority and does not want to be blamed.

A more bothersome possibility is that Ellison fears a Democratic-run house. He might not want to be around for two more years of Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-California) and her unpopular centrist mush. Among other things, Ellison might fear that Pelosi and company will try to sideline him as a punishment for supporting U.S. Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont); rather than Hillary Clinton (D-New York) in the 2016 Democratic presidential primary.

Ellison might also want to avoid being part of a Trump impeachment. Ellison correctly understands that any Trump impeachment attempt will be pointless, and do as much as damage to Democrats as Republicans. Instead of his wasting time on that pointless debacle, Ellison wants to move on to an office where he can pick the battles he fights.

Why are Good Men Leaving Congress?

Ellison’s departure is disturbingly reminiscent of another excellent Congressman U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin). Like Ellison, the Speaker of the House is an eloquent, capable, intelligent, thoughtful, and honorable man who seems fed up with Washington and politics.

Like Ellison, Ryan is from a very safe district, where is guaranteed reelection. The reasons for Ryan’s departure, like Ellison’s are deep, personal, and philosophical. Their exit is the opposite of all the Republicans who are retiring or moving to other offices to avoid humiliating and career-ending defeats this fall. For a textbook example of such self-serving cowardice see U.S. Senator Jon Kyl (R-Arizona) who disturbingly is being hailed as a “hero” by the media.

Ryan might be retiring from the House in order to avoid the thankless job of defending Donald J. Trump. Strangely enough, Ellison might be leaving to avoid the equally awkward chore of prosecuting Trump. Ryan, like Ellison, wants to fight the big ideological battles, not argue about a washed-up real estate developer’s tawdry sex life.

The exit of men like Ryan and Ellison from Congress should disturb us because our national legislature is being led by burnt-out dinosaurs; such as Pelosi, and third-rate political hacks. Hopefully, Ellison and Ryan will remain on the national political stage because America needs intelligent leaders.