Joining The Military Against Resistance From Loved Ones

The decision to join the military is a big one. If you are an adult, you will get the final say in the matter – but that does not mean you will always be free of other people’s takes on the matter.

If you are loved by others, then you may be called upon to rationalize your decision to your loved ones. Of course, there is no obligation for you to do this, but it is strongly recommended that you do so that you do not burn any bridges with your enlistment.

Still, this does not mean that encountering resistance to your ambition will be easy. Here are a few ideas that may help you enlist when loved one’s object to your decision.

Seek Inspiration from Others

First, acknowledge that you are not the first person to enlist in the military amidst strenuous family circumstances.

Research the stories of those who came before you and look for inspiration in how they navigated this sensitive area of their careers.

Prepare for the fact that your loved ones may not be willing to let you go so easily. Expect late night discussions, teary dialogues, or even harsh words to be presented to you. Remain true to your decision through all this and appreciate that these exchanges are born of love.

Explain the Benefits

Explain to your loved ones that your service will come with many benefits once your status as a military family is finalized.

Highlight the new initiatives that are being developed today to help military families, of which focus on employment, entrepreneurship, education and healthcare perks. Sit down together as a unit and discuss each offering, as it may help you to convince your loved ones that your decision is not only for yourself, but for them also.

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Prioritize Respect

Acknowledging that your loved ones have very valid concerns should help you come to an amicable understanding sooner.

 Try to respect that your family and friends may understandably fear for your safety. Appreciate too that they will miss you, and perhaps not wish to be apart for such a long period. Show sensitivity if they express their concerns for handling tough family circumstances without you being present, too. Hearing them out should help motivate them to do the same for you.

Proceed with enlistment if that is your calling, as they may change their outlook after time has passed, benefits are enjoyed, and once they hear of your achievements. Speak of serving in the military as a calling or a duty, not a mere job, and hopefully mutual respect can be found in one another’s position.