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More Paid Posting Opportunities Available

Market Mad House is proud to be part of a growing network of websites and blogs offering paid guest posting opportunities.

Currently, we can offer paid posting opportunities on the following websites:








Our current rates are as follows:


  • $20 for a post you supply.


  • $50 for a post written by our professional writer Daniel G. Jennings. Note: we will charge an extra $10 for posts over 1,000 words.


  • $10 to add a link to an existing article.


  • Immediate posting; only available on Market Mad House, Geek Crunch Reviews, and Car Insurance Samurai will cost $25.


  • All rates are in United States Dollars (USD).


  • No extra charge to add video or pictures to articles.

  • Please ask if you need something else. We will consider offers.


We will handle all editing and posting. Posts will be edited for grammar, spelling, and style. We reserve the right to refuse any content but do not worry you will not be charged for what we do not use.

To inquire about posting please send an email to [email protected]

Website and blog owners that wish to join our network should send us a proposal.

More paid-posting opportunities will be added to this network in the future. Please stay tuned to see what they are.