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Pan-Entertainment Platform BINGO.FUN (777.BINGO) Launches QTUM Heroes on Blockchain



The groundbreaking QTUM Heroes is a dynamic, player-kill game that combines arena battles with blockchain technology.  The game provides a pioneering gaming experience that will give players the chance to own unique and irreplaceable digital characters called Heroes.  Each Hero can be bought, improved, and traded in a massive online marketplace powered by the QTUM blockchain.


To celebrate the game’s launch, the creators are buffing up the first players to join in with CD-keys, QTUM coins, free Heroes, and more incentives.  The first 400 activated accounts will receive 3 CD-keys each. These accounts can be used to invite friends to play QTUM Heroes and receive 3 CD-keys.

Also, the first 5,000 activated accounts to send CD-key invites to three players who are also active users will be rewarded with a 0.5 QTUM bonus, according to BINGO.  After 5,000 activated accounts, players will also have the chance to receive a free hero at random.  Pioneers will get the chance to choose their favorite heroes first.  Test users reported that there are tons of different faces, hairstyles, and peculiar weapons to choose from.


“We are thrilled to have launched QTUM Heroes on our platform,” said BINGO founder and CEO Matt Lee. “Think of it as the App store for blockchain.  We are going to bring many more games and other types on entertainment to provide an absolutely new experience for our users.  This is just the beginning.” 


Players at the QTUM Heroes beta server will have immediate access to the Market Place, Love Center, 1v1 Peak Battle, and the 8v8 Hero Melee Championship.  The Melee Championship Top 3 winners will be rewarded with a QTUM bonus. The bonuses can be used to pay tips to waiters. When a waiter carves cups on a Hero, their value increases, giving players a chance to get cryptocurrency by adding value to their unique characters.


Different from other blockchain games like CryptoKitties and Etherbots, QTUM Heroes is not just about collectibles. The game is focused on enabling dynamic interactions between players.

Every player has the chance to choose a Hero and prove their value in one of several online arenas. After paying an entry fee, players will be able to fight against other Heroes. The 8-Hero Melee Battle, for example, will let users fight for a championship trophy that will increase the value of the winning Hero.

About BINGO and QTUM Heroes


QTUM Heroes is developed by leading game studio Mob Arts in collaboration with the QTUM blockchain. Mob Arts’ previous game, House of Heroes, is considered one of the most successful mobile games to be released in Asian markets. It was noticed by Chinese internet giant Tencent and immediately launched on all their platforms, despite being developed by a third party.


The team at BINGO believes that it can bring the same success to a growing industry. QTUM Heroes is the next step in cryptogaming; improving on the past by integrating a world-class arena battle into the blockchain.

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