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Aitheon Plans Kids Contest

The team at the blockchain automation platform Aitheon (AIC) is looking for a few good kids. Specifically, they want to give one lucky kid $500 of their AIC Ethereum-based tokens.

To qualify children can draw, paint, or build an Aitheon robot. Kids can also participate by coloring a picture of an Aitheon robot.

The robots are those operated by Aitheon’s blockchain platform with is designed to connect internet of things (IoT) devices such as robots. Aitheon has demonstrated a number of robots operated by its blockchain platform including one that pours beer.

To participate in the Kids’ Contest, children will need to have their parents send in a clear a photograph or video of the child with the robot or artwork to [email protected] by 28 May 2018. The goal of Aitheon is to build a blockchain ecosystem where humans, robots, and artificial intelligence (AI) can cooperate, collaborate and make money together.

The kids’ contest is part of the publicity for Aitheon’s ongoing initial cryptocurrency offering (ICO). The ICO for the AIC Token is live and is scheduled to run through June 4, 2018. You can learn more about the Aitheon ICO here:

777.Bingo Launches Online Arena Game

The pan-entertainment platform 777.Bingo or Bingo.Fun has launched its first multiplayer game in collaboration with the QTUM blockchain system.

The game, QTUM Heroes is hardly original but it has one innovative feature; it is designed to support cryptocurrency payments, a press release indicates. Unlike CryptoKitties and Etherbots is an actual game from a major gaming studio that offers players real action. Players can participate in an eight hero Melee Battle and fight for a championship trophy.

QTUM Heroes is a fairly ordinary-looking arena game derived from the popular Chinese game House of HeroesHouse of Heroes from the well-respected Mob Arts gaming studio, has been a huge hit on the various platforms owned by the Chinese social media giant Tencent Holdings Ltd (HKG: O700).

QTUM Heroes is a collaborative effort of Mob Arts and blockchain provider Qtum (QTUM). It is designed to be the first of many games Mob Arts and partners, Qtum, Tencent Games, Garena, and Nexon (TYO: 3659) plan to distribute through 777.Bingo.

Mob Arts’ next and far more ambitious game designed for cryptocurrency payments; Doom of Aliens is scheduled for launch on 5 May 2018. Unlike QTUM Heroes, Doom of Aliens is a multiplayer strategy game that will offer single-payer communication and instant fights for players all over the world.

A timetable at the 777.Bingo website indicates that the company’s games platform is scheduled for launch on 11 November 2018. More games are supposed to be released by the Bingo Foundation on 1 January 2019.

A full time table and descriptions of 777.Bingo’s games portfolio can be found here:

You can follow the 777.Bingo community on Telegram here: You may need to translate because most of the posts are in Mandarin.