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We can vividly remember when someone asked us what we want to be when we grow up. Our answer must be a doctor, engineer, teacher, or businessman.

As a kid, we are mostly inspired by our parents’ profession, or by someone we adore a lot. From writing essays about being an astronaut to a jet pilot, our choices have taken many turns, as we grow and learn more, our opinions about ourselves change.

School provides us the basic knowledge of different subjects, and some of them become our favorite. High school gives us the liberty to select one particular domain of studies that further lead ways to professional degrees.

Many of us choose to be a doctor, a physiotherapist, and some select psychology while some opt for management sciences. Management sciences are playing a vital role in assisting people to perform managerial functions effectively.

We pursue professional studies to build a career of our choice and have a better income. When we start our job hunt, the first thing we verify is the employment statistics in a particular field. Many youngsters are now more inclined towards business administration studies.

One of the reasons for enrolling in business studies is high employment statistics. A degree in business administration is seen as a marketable credential, for it signifies the fact that someone possesses the fundamental management knowledge and skills

If you have a niche in managing the business or playing an administrative role, a business administration degree is your answer. Many of us are more interested in numbers and values. Such students can opt for an MBA in finance online to enjoy lessons from their favorite university remotely.

Many students end up working in different fields as compared to education. The reason for such diversity is that they are unable to identify the career paths relevant to their educational background. If you are an MBA graduate and want to know which career path shall you choose, here are a few suggestions for your assistance.  

Career Paths for MBA Graduates

1. Healthcare

Healthcare systems are the survival core of any country. An excellent and well-managed health care system ensures a better quality of health services for the citizens. Tertiary care hospitals and other health domains also need management.

If you have recently completed your MBA in healthcare administration, consider yourself eligible for this career. Being in healthcare administration, it requires a person to be skilled in planning, directing, and coordinating all types of health and medical services. You can also manage a nursing home, hospital, or department of a medical facility.

2. Information systems

As we are living in a digital era, employment will rise in domains concerning cybersecurity, cybercrimes, or combating hackers.

 If you were a tech lover, and somehow you ended up acquiring an MBA in information systems, you can be the next information systems manager. Being in this role, you can enjoy your tech love and put your management skills into practice at the same time.

This career path requires your skills for robust planning, coordination, and direction of multiple computer activities and determine IT goals for any company.

3. Finance manager

The two major roles in this domain are corporate financing or financial services. Corporate financing involves financing, capital structuring, and investment, whereas financial services usually refer to investment banking.

If you choose financial assistance, you may have long working hours, but it also has a fast-paced working environment. Being a financial manager in the corporate sector, you can support the business by gathering and analyzing financial data.

4. Management Consultant

This role enables you to look for ways to improve organizational efficiency. Besides working with clients, management consultants also supervise teams, gather information, develop solutions to issues, and offer recommendations to managers.

People having MBAs concerned in consultations satisfies the entry-level position. Management consultants must possess keen analytical, problem-solving, and interpersonal skills.

5. Marketing manager

Every business has a product or service that it wants to offer to its customers. Without proper and effective marketing, the product will not make it to the sales funnel.

Marketing managers are required by every company to tackle their marketing campaigns and approach large groups of people. A marketing manager helps a company by overseeing marketing campaigns, designing strategies for effective outreach, and sorting the demand for any product.

Marketing managers also contribute to discussions about the viability of an idea, setting an appropriate price for a product or services, and offering strategies to attract more customers.

6. Managing database information

Businesses today are mostly conducted online, which calls for an enormous amount of online information and its effective management.

Since there is a large amount of data gathered on various online platforms, there is also a risk of data and privacy breaches. To overcome this hurdle, many companies hold the position of database information manager.

Database administrators ensure the safety of information along with its logical organization.


We all pursue professional degrees for a career and handsome salaries. A professional degree in business administration seems to have high employment statistics and opportunities concerning different management domains.

Each managerial field requires a specific area of expertise to get fulfilled. The employment stats in management studies will get increased further soon.  

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