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In individuals, insanity is rare; but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule. Friedrich Nietzsche

Historical Insanity

Reasons why Woke Comedy is Great

In recent years, amateurs such as Dave Chappelle and Jerry Seinfield have criticized “Woke” or politically correct comedy.

We are at Lists of Doom disagree because we think Chappelle and Seinfield are amateurs who know nothing about comedy. Therefore, we have prepared a list of reasons why Woke Comedy is Great.

Reasons why Woke Comedy is Great and good for America include:

  • Laughter is overrated, so nobody needs to laugh.
  • Comedy is not supposed to be fun or entertaining.
  • Comedy is not supposed to make you think.
  • Stand-up comics are not supposed to think for themselves.
  • Thinking is dangerous because it encourages people to ask questions. The last thing America needs is ordinary people questioning the system or our leaders.
  • We don’t want to know what Woke is or why it exists. Moreover, our research indicates that nobody wants to know what Woke is or cares why it exists.
  • Insomnia and lack of sleep are growing problems in America, so we desperately need more effective sleep aids. Our research demonstrates Woke Comedy is a better sleep aid than such proven tranquilizers as CBS prime time, The Hallmark Channel, political conventions, Jeb Bush, Golden Girls reruns, the Academy Awards, Mike Pence, and Pete Buttigieg. In fact, Woke Comedy puts people to sleep faster than CNN, the best sleep aid we know of.
  • Comedy is not supposed to offend anybody or any group. Especially our sponsors, big corporations, and rich people.
  • Comedy is not supposed to be about any subject an actual human being could care about.
  • Woke Comedians are an oppressed minority. None of the Woke Comedians we surveyed had paying gigs besides Uber and Lyft driving.
  • America’s college students need to hear more jokes about the lousy food in the campus cafeteria.
  • We do not know what Woke is or why it exists. However, our research indicates that Woke is 100% bullshit.

Finally, we’re sick and tired of hearing about this Woke bullshit. Let’s kill Woke Comedy off before we experience total boredom from it.