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Amazon Web Services (AWS)

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Amazon Offers Linux-based Operating System

“It also integrates with container orchestrators (such as Amazon EKS and Amazon ECS) to further reduce management and operational overhead while updating container hosts in a cluster.”

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Amazon Web Services launches Templates for Ethereum and Hyperledger

Amazon wants to attract this business by adding what amounts to a “build your own blockchain network kit” to AWS. There are currently two kits posted on the AWS website.

The Ethereum kit allows the construction of AWS platforms that offer direct contact with the Ethereum network and use Ethereum’s Solidarity Smart Contract language. The Hyperledger Fabric kit allows users to write their own blockchain applications.

Potential uses for such blockchain solutions outlined by AWS include supply chain, healthcare, insurance, the Internet of Things (IoT), financial services, and supply chain. The kit reportedly uses an open-chain blockchain fabric from the Hyperledger Foundation.

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Aitheon ICO date Changes

The biggest of those partners is Amazon’s (NASDAQ: AMZN) artificial intelligence (AI) division. This is apparently the machine learning arm of Amazon Web Services (AWS) which aims to put machine learning in the hands of every data scientist and developer. That sounds a great deal like Aitheon’s plans to allow anybody to offer AI to everybody through its blockchain platform.

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An AI- Powered Investment based on Market Sentiment?

The goal at Sharpe is to fix one of the biggest shortcomings in AI-based investing. AIs are very good at technical or fundamentals analysis; but are unable to judge market sentiment which is based upon human emotions and beliefs.

Sharpe Capital hopes to correct that by teaching AI how to spot patterns of behavior and sentiment in the market, a whitepaper indicates.

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