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Apple Dividend

Good Stocks

Apple (AAPL) is a value investment because of the old Apple magic

In particular, “the Apple good, all other techs bad belief,” creates a base of loyal Apple customers. More importantly, those zombies give Apple a steady stream of cash it can tap for R&D or other purposes.

Therefore, one of Apple’s biggest value attributes is its reputation. To explain, the reputation brings in a lot of business at little or no cost. Hence, the reputation helped make Apple a value investment at $170.18 a share on 14 February 2019.

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Long Ideas

Has Apple Turned Around?

Among other things; that indicates Apple’s business model and income might not be sustainable on a long-term basis. Some major changes to the company such as new products might be needed for long term growth. That justifies experiments like Apple Pay and the Apple car project.

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