Stocks to Buy for the Coronavirus Depression

Hence, I think there will be no herd immunity to COVID-19 until the end of 2021 at the earliest. Herd immunity is the point at which a large portion of the population is immune to coronavirus.

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Should Microsoft Buy TikTok?

Thus, Microsoft could turn TikTok into Xbox on your phone. I think Xbox on your phone could make money, but I think most TikTok users will hate the concept.

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Why is Netflix a FAANG?

Microsoft is a far better candidate for FAANG membership than Netflix.

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The Microsoft Money Machine Delivers Again

Incredibly Microsoft had $136.636 billion in cash and equivalents on 30 September 2019. Moreover, Microsoft’s cash and equivalents grew from $133.819 billion on 30 June 2019. Thus, Microsoft is an incredibly cash-rich company that could make some big acquisitions if Satya Nadella wishes.

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An Alternative to the FAANG

Thus you could buy over four shares of NAMPOF for the cost of one unit of FAANG. To elaborate, $876.46 multiplied by four is $3,543.80. Meanwhile the combined cost of FAANG was $3,779.46 on 13 September 2019.

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Is Microsoft the best Value in Tech?

Microsoft is the best bargain in tech because it is making a lot of money. For instance, Microsoft reports a $20.401 billion gross profit and revenues of $30.573 billion for 2nd Quarter 2019.

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How Much Money is Oracle (ORCL) Making?

Oracle cannot compete with all the developer power Microsoft can access through GitHub. For example, Microsoft can flood the market with thousands of applications.

Moreover, Microsoft can “advertise” that software on the one billion Windows-powered PCs around the world. In addition, Microsoft claims there are 400 million computers running Windows 10 globally, The Verge reports.

For instance, Microsoft can introduce GitHub to hundreds of millions of users by adding a GitHub app to future versions of Windows and Microsoft Office. To explain, the GitHub will let users buy GitHub software through Windows.

Furthermore, Microsoft can offer customers a build your own software with GitHub feature. To clarify, Microsoft business or cloud customers could order new apps or features on GitHub. Then GitHub developers will bid on the creation of a custom solution.

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Is Salesforce (CRM) making money?

Salesforce (CRM) is a profitable software company that most people are unfamiliar with. Most investors are unfamiliar with Salesforce because

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Why Microsoft is Giving Away Patented Software

Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) can easily afford it. On June 30, 2018, Microsoft Corp reported a gross profit of $20.343 billion on 2nd Quarter revenues of $30.085 billion. Therefore, Microsoft can afford to give away patents.

Microsoft could distribute the software through GitHub; which it purchased for $7.5 billion in June. Notably, the OIN announcement came right before the European Commission approved the GitHub deal. To explain, Microsoft needs Commission approval to operate GitHub in the European Union.

GitHub is the perfect place to distribute the OIN patents because it is the world’s largest open-sourced software repository. In detail, GitHub serves 1.8 million organizations and 28 million software developers.

Unfortunately, news articles do not say which software will be released on GitHub.

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