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Augur (REP)


Can Cryptocurrency Prediction Markets Forecast the Future at Gnosis?

Augur (REP) and Gnosis’s (GNO) Coin Prices are close. For instance, CoinMarketCap gave Gnosis a Coin Price of $16.68 on 7 February 2020. Meanwhile, CoinMarketCap gave Augur a Coin Price of $15.96 on the same day.

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CryptocurrencyMarket Commentary

Augur asks are Prediction Markets Profitable?

Augur is designed to be the most ambitious blockchain predictions market yet. It intends to collect data from Political Forecasts, Event Hedging, Weather Prediction, and Company Forecasting.
Anybody can go into Augur’s Ethereum blockchain platform and create a prediction market. That’s where the weird markets about Betty White’s murder came from. A person can take odds on any event.

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